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Having understood the format of a gift certificate, it is easy to create a custom gift certificate instead of using the generic ones available over the internet. Remember gift certificates can be a popular option for giving gifts in any kind of occasion. Therefore, knowing how to create one will be an added advantage for your business. All you need do is to tap into the Microsoft word 2013 template and develop it. The following steps will help you create a custom gift certificate.

Your Best Just Got Better Pdf Free Download Free

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Step 1 Launch the Word 2013 application and type the word “gift certificate” into the search box. You have the option of searching in a more specific search term like “salon gift certificate” or scroll through the category column and double click on any one which matches your idea. These templates are customizable and that means you can tweak it to your goals.

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Step 2 By clicking the “view” tab and then the “one page” button, you will see the full view of the template you are working with. Full screen view is normally helpful in cases where the chosen template has several certificates per page. Use the “zoom” button to zoom the certificate you wish to see clearly.

Step 3 Check for generic text on the template. For example, there should be generic texts like a “ a gift from” ,”type your business of name here”, “recipient, “ date”, ”address” etc. depending on the chosen template. Type in the details or remove them from the template to match your intentions.

Step 4 There should be a generic image on the chosen template, right click on it. Click “Change Picture” which will open an inset picture window. Now, in order to add your own images such as your business logo or even the person receiving the certificate, click the “ Browse” button, search the suitable image and double click to add to the certificate you are creating or you can search for something relating to the gift certificate and add it.


Your Best Just Got Better Pdf free. download full

Step 5 Delete all other elements that are not desired in the certificate by clicking on “delete” . Add more designs to your certificate using “Design”, “Color”, “Theme” and “Font” to tweak them to suit your requirements.

Your Best Just Got Better Pdf Free Download Pdf

Step 6 Proofread and ensure your requirements are well captured and save your customized gift certificate.