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Usually works well withothers and usuallyprovides constructivefeedback.Seldom works wellwith others and seldomprovides constructivefeedback.1.Diana Baca-52.Iliana Hall-53.Irmalinda Reyes-54.Arlene Nino-55.Brianna Bachmann-5COOPERATIONRespects IndividualDifferences and SeeksEffective CompromiseAlways respectful ofothers and alwayseffectively negotiates acompromise.Usually respectful ofothers and usually ableto effectively negotiatea compromise.Seldom respectful ofothers and seldomeffectively negotiates acompromise.1.Diana Baca-52.Iliana Hall-53.Irmalinda Reyes-54.Arlene Nino-55.Brianna Bachmann-5COMMUNICATIONMakes Time to Meetwith Team MembersAlways available forgroup meetings andkeeps in close contactwith others.Usually available forgroup meetings andusually keeps in closecontact with others.Seldom available forgroup meetings andseldom keeps in closecontact with others.1.Diana Baca-52.Iliana Hall-53.Irmalinda Reyes-54.Arlene Nino-5
Works well with others pdf

If so, there’s a very good reason for this. Employers do not want to hire individuals who don’t work well with others. It typically causes problems right from the beginning. Submitted On: 10 Jul 2017 File Size: 11.7 MB License: Private Label Rights Product Terms YES Can be sold YES Can be used for personal use YES Can be packaged with. Who not only know how to work well with others, but who understand that not every player on the team can or will be the one who gets the ball. When everyone in the workplace works together to accomplish goals, everyone achieves more. The ability to work as part of a team is one of the most important skills in today’s job market. Download Resume PDF Build Free Resume. Dependable employee with great punctuality and attendance. Works well with others and is a Fast Learner. Skills: Microsoft Office, Excel. Download Resume PDF Build Free Resume. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is a PDF viewer which supports windows and android. It works well with almost all kinds of word processing applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, Presentation, PowerPoint, and other document creation applications like PDF viewer. If you are using any PDF reader which supports windows operating system, you will.


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465.Brianna Bachmann-5PARTICIPATIONActive Participant inTeam ActivitiesAlways activelyparticipates in all teamactivities.Usually participates inall team activities.Seldom participates inall team activities.1.Diana Baca-52.Iliana Hall-53.Irmalinda Reyes-54.Arlene Nino-55.Brianna Bachmann-5LEADERSHIPProvides Leadershipand Team SupportAlways willing to takethe leadership rolewhen appropriate andalways provides teamsupport.Usually willing to takethe leadership rolewhen appropriate andusually provides teamsupport.Seldom willing to takethe leadership role andseldom provides teamsupport.1.Diana Baca-52.Iliana Hall-53.Irmalinda Reyes-54.Arlene Nino-55.Brianna Bachmann-5TOTAL SCORE1.Diana Baca-402.Iliana Hall-403.Irmalinda Reyes-404.Arlene Nino-405.Brianna Bachmann-40May add comments on additional pageA = 32 to 40B = 24 to 31C = 16 to 23D = 8 to15F = 0 to 7Scores will need to be converted to a percent. See syllabus for how this impacts your individual grade.

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47Team Participation RubricCourse:N2303Evaluator:Iliana HallTeam No.____________Use the following rubric to score yourself and each of your team members on the Team Project.A = 32 to 40B = 24 to 31C = 16 to 23D = 8 to15F = 0 to 7COMPONENTS5 = Outstanding4 = Excellent3 = Very Good2 = Good1 = Very Poor0 = UnacceptableSCORE(List each team member, includingyourself)COMMENTS(May use additionalpage)ACCOUNTABILITYMeets Team DeadlinesAlways completes andposts assigned workprior to or at theappointed deadlineUsually completes andposts assigned work atthe appointed deadlineSeldom completes andposts assigned work atthe appointed deadline1. Iliana Hall: 52. Irmalinda Reyes: 53. Diana Baca: 54. Brianna Bachman: 55. Arlene Nino: 5RESPONSIBILITYAssumes AppointedTasks/ResponsibilitiesAlways acceptsappointed tasks andvolunteers for additionalshare oftasks/responsibilities.