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“What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You offers readers excellent, practical advice that is truly insightful. Liz and her company, Financial Finesse, empower you to take charge of your money and demand that your financial advisors work in your best interest. Don't miss this book.”. What your financial advisor isn't telling you is that, with very rare exceptions, there's no way he or she can compete with what your employer already offers. You should fully maximize your employee benefits before you even consider hiring a financial advisor. HOW TAKING ADVANTAGE OF EMPLOYEE BENEFITS PLAYS OUT IN REAL LIFE.

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What Your Financial Advisor Isn't Telling You By Liz Davidson

Most Financial Advisors are just salespeople—here’s how to tell.

Financial Advisor Job Description

To be clear: A competent, true Financial Advisor can have an incredible impact on your household’s finances and how to best manage them. In fact, a truly competent Financial Advisor is often worth the cost. The problem is that the title ‘Financial Advisor’—once reserved for only a select few—has been hijacked by almost anyone who works in the Financial Services Industry. From transaction-based stockbrokers to simple insurance agents, it seems everyone now calls themselves a ‘Financial Advisor’ of some sort. So how then does someone tell the ‘salesperson’ from the truly valuable professional? Well, it’s not in their title; but it is in their actions and how they do what they do for their clients.
This book opens the lid to expose the financial ‘salesperson’ from the true Financial Advisor who is deserving of their title. Simple but important ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ that the salesperson is trained in are fully revealed. Anyone who currently has a ‘Financial Advisor’ or who is thinking of hiring one, should read this book. Unfortunately, most will find that they have already been ‘sold’ by the wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing. But all who read this book will soon be able to quickly and simply identify the true, competent Financial Advisor—worthy of their title, their cost and your trust.