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Comment by Gadoink4

Magni himself has nothing after this quest - you have to do Kalecgos's quest before Magni follows up with you.

Comment by Evenuel

Next quest after this is from Kalecgos - A Bolt from the Blue.

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Comment by rnb010

Easy quest. Must complete Kalecgos's quest first which you'll start/acquire in the Chamber. You can GET the 'Unlocking the Power' quest at the same time, but Magni won't do anything until Kalecgos's is completed first.
Kalecgos's quest will take you to the top of The Nexus in Coldarra in Northrend's Borean Tundra. Speak to Kalecgos's to start the quest, fly to the center of the crystal ball in front of him after he's finished talking and grab the Dragon Scale. This is an upgrade for your Crucible of Flame in your Heart of Azeroth which will upgrade it to level 4. Once you grab the scale, talk to Kalecgos again and he will return you to the Chamber. Magni will then have a quest which is just a cinematic and all you get from that is a Toy Heart of Azeroth. Infuse the Heart with the dragon scale and poof...all done. Acquired a toy, and level 4 Crucible of Flame.

Comment by jlieb

I'm stuck on this one. I can pick the quest up at Boralus from Earthen Guardian at 75,15. At Silithus I can see a yellow question mark when standing outside the Chamber of Heart, however when entering the chamber I can't talk to anyone to complete the quest. Magni doesn't show up in the chamber. Abandoning and re-taking the quest doesn't help. I've done A Bolt from the Blue. Currently waiting for Blizzard to respond to the ticket I've opened :-(
Edit: I've found a solution! I've abandoned every quest I had which had to do with Magni and now I can see him inside the chamber. I don't know which quest was the problematic one but apparently some quest requires him *not* to be in the chamber until you complete it. Hope this helps someone.

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Comment by Angelinica

I was able to get the quest from Magni, but didn't see a ? or Kalecgos anywhere. Neither inside or outside the Chamber of Heart. Other than here, how am I supposed to know I need to go to the Nexus?

Comment by MrDanzig666

Most likely also on the quest where Magni goes to Pandaria. It's Never Easy
Need to continue that chain to unlock them and return him to Chamber.

Comment by Wyr3d

There seems to be some debate over what triggers the quests given by the Earthen Guardian, and what they lead to. I looked into this, and I believe the are triggered as follows:
Return to the Heart - linked to first minor boost; serves as a breadcrumb for A Fresh Trauma
Back to the Chamber - linked to second minor boost; serves as a breadcrumb for An Old Scar
Unlocking the Power - linked to third minor boost; serves as a breadcrumb for A Bolt from the Blue
My reasoning for this is that there are three breadcrumb quests. The Heart forge unlocks the main slot, and there are three minor slots to unlock. The first becomes available soon after likely around the position of the first slot. The second has been stated to unlock at 65, the location of the second minor boost slot. The third has been said to unlock as 75, but the final slot is at 80 so there may be some confusion, or the unlocks may happen the slot before the minor boosts.
If your Heart of Azeroth is already higher level than stated for these quests, the second and third quests are not offered. If anyone can confirm or disprove this feel free to do so.

Comment by sivla

If like me, you get it, complete the Kalecgos quest, and you visit the Heart and there is no Magni, just delete the quest, because it's not really a quest, but a breadcrumb and can be deleted..but be sure to do Kalecgos' quest before you do, just so you remember, delete after it.

Comment by Bufe

To get 'Investigating the Highlands' quest from Kalecgos, you first need to abandon this quest 'Unlocking the power' if you cannot see it.
Then you need to go to ULDUM to do the initial daily quests. Once you come back you will be able to get the 'Investigating the highlands' quest from Kalec.
I went there after getting the Boralus NPC telling me to go to the chamber, and when i delivered the quest to Magni nothing happened.
So i thought, maybe i did not do something in Uldum, and abandoned the quest and went there and did dailies and assault.
When i came back to the Chamber after that, Kalec had this quest 'Investigating the Highlands' to give me.
To get into the correct phasing i had to abandon 'Ny'alotha, the Waking City: The Corruptor's End'

Comment by Eillesthis

The previous quest logically is At the Azerite Time, from a short little chain when your Heart of Azeroth hits level 65.
This one unlocks at 70. You'll do a bunch of quests in between however.
Next: A Bolt from the Blue
Return to the Chamber of Heart.


There's somethin' special waitin' fer ye back in the Chamber of Heart, champion.I won't spoil it, but ye best get back there as quick as ye can.


Have we got somethin' fer ye, champion! Yer gonna love this.


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