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  1. web site content is based on our knowledge of SAP system, and it is constantly reviewed to avoid errors; well we cannot warrant full correctness of all content.
  2. Making a transaction, complete the transaction before replacing the batteries. C Improper use of batteries could cause them to burst or leak, which might damage the interior of the cash register. Please take the following precautions:.Be sure that the positive (+) and negative (-) poles of each battery are oriented properly.
  3. web site content is based on our knowledge of SAP system, and it is constantly reviewed to avoid errors; well we cannot warrant full correctness of all content.
#DownloadSAP ModuleDescriptionSize
1 SAP-TCodes_Module_AC-EN.pdf ACAccounting - General687.03 KB
2 SAP-TCodes_Module_AIE-EN.pdf AIEAuto-ID Enterprise857.73 KB
3 SAP-TCodes_Module_AP-EN.pdf APApplication Platform2.05 MB
4 SAP-TCodes_Module_BC-EN.pdf BCBasis Components6.34 MB
5 SAP-TCodes_Module_BW-EN.pdf BWBusiness Warehouse2.14 MB
6 SAP-TCodes_Module_CA-EN.pdf CACross-Application Components15.62 MB
7 SAP-TCodes_Module_CO-EN.pdf COControlling2.65 MB
8 SAP-TCodes_Module_CRM-EN.pdf CRMCustomer Relationship Management34.29 MB
9 SAP-TCodes_Module_CS-EN.pdf CSCustomer Service599.98 KB
10 SAP-TCodes_Module_DI-EN.pdf DIDiscrete Industries630.73 KB
11 SAP-TCodes_Module_EC-EN.pdf ECEnterprise Controlling1.50 MB
12 SAP-TCodes_Module_EHS-EN.pdf EHSEnvironment, Health and Safety2.84 MB
13 SAP-TCodes_Module_EP-EN.pdf EPEnterprise Portal1.19 MB
14 SAP-TCodes_Module_FI-EN.pdf FIFinancial Accounting9.53 MB
15 SAP-TCodes_Module_FIN-EN.pdf FINFinancials4.90 MB
16 SAP-TCodes_Module_FS-EN.pdf FSFinancial Services6.76 MB
17 SAP-TCodes_Module_GRC-EN.pdf GRCGovernance, Risk and Compliance1.67 MB
18 SAP-TCodes_Module_HAN-EN.pdf HANSAP HANA580.21 KB
19 SAP-TCodes_Module_ICM-EN.pdf ICMIncentive and Commission Management (ICM)2.46 MB
20 SAP-TCodes_Module_IM-EN.pdf IMInvestment Management932.11 KB
21 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-A-EN.pdf IS-AIndustry-Specific Component Automotive1.22 MB
22 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-AD-EN.pdf IS-ADAerospace & Defence Industry Solution1.03 MB
23 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-B-EN.pdf IS-BBank Components3.48 MB
24 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-CWM-EN.pdf IS-CWMIndustry Solution Catch Weight Management625.30 KB
25 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-DFS-EN.pdf IS-DFSDefense Forces and Public Security1.28 MB
26 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-EC-EN.pdf IS-ECIndustry Solution Engineering & Construction847.15 KB
27 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-H-EN.pdf IS-HSAP Healthcare - Industry-Specific Components for Hospitals1,006.35 KB
28 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-HER-CM-EN.pdf IS-HER-CMCampus Management1.86 MB
29 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-HMED-EN.pdf IS-HMEDClinical System983.91 KB
30 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-HT-EN.pdf IS-HTIndustry Solution High Tech998.78 KB
31 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-M-EN.pdf IS-MSAP Media4.24 MB
32 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-MP-EN.pdf IS-MPMill Products Industry Solution792.48 KB
33 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-OIL-EN.pdf IS-OILIndustry Solution Oil3.21 MB
34 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-PRS-EN.pdf IS-PRSProfessional Service689.32 KB
35 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-PS-CA-EN.pdf IS-PS-CAPublic Sector Contract Accounting753.18 KB
36 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-REA-EN.pdf IS-REARecycling Administration823.99 KB
37 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-T-EN.pdf IS-TIndustry Solution - Telecommunications671.73 KB
38 SAP-TCodes_Module_IS-U-EN.pdf IS-USAP Utilities2.89 MB
39 SAP-TCodes_Module_KM-EN.pdf KMKnowledge Management772.82 KB
40 SAP-TCodes_Module_LE-EN.pdf LELogistics Execution1.58 MB
41 SAP-TCodes_Module_LO-EN.pdf LOLogistics - General5.57 MB
42 SAP-TCodes_Module_MDM-EN.pdf MDMSAP NetWeaver Master Data Management589.36 KB
43 SAP-TCodes_Module_MM-EN.pdf MMMaterials Management1.88 MB
44 SAP-TCodes_Module_OPU-EN.pdf OPUOccasional Platform User903.82 KB
45 SAP-TCodes_Module_PA-EN.pdf PAPersonnel Management7.92 MB
46 SAP-TCodes_Module_PE-EN.pdf PETraining and Event Management1.85 MB
47 SAP-TCodes_Module_PLM-EN.pdf PLMProduct Lifecycle Management1.07 MB
48 SAP-TCodes_Module_PM-EN.pdf PMPlant Maintenance2.26 MB
49 SAP-TCodes_Module_PP-EN.pdf PPProduction Planning and Control2.93 MB
50 SAP-TCodes_Module_PPM-EN.pdf PPMPortfolio and Project Management1.20 MB
51 SAP-TCodes_Module_PS-EN.pdf PSProject System1.42 MB
52 SAP-TCodes_Module_PSM-EN.pdf PSMPublic Sector Management3.55 MB
53 SAP-TCodes_Module_PT-EN.pdf PTPersonnel Time Management1.91 MB
54 SAP-TCodes_Module_PY-EN.pdf PYPayroll40.18 MB
55 SAP-TCodes_Module_QM-EN.pdf QMQuality Management1,004.39 KB
56 SAP-TCodes_Module_RE-EN.pdf REReal Estate Management3.33 MB
57 SAP-TCodes_Module_SCM-EN.pdf SCMSupply Chain Management690.39 KB
58 SAP-TCodes_Module_SD-EN.pdf SDSales and Distribution2.53 MB
59 SAP-TCodes_Module_SLL-EN.pdf SLLGlobal Trade Services2.63 MB
60 SAP-TCodes_Module_SRM-EN.pdf SRMSupplier Relationship Management3.15 MB
61 SAP-TCodes_Module_SV-EN.pdf SVService2.47 MB
62 SAP-TCodes_Module_TR-EN.pdf TRTreasury983.29 KB
63 SAP-TCodes_Module_WEC-EN.pdf WECWeb Channel758.13 KB
64 SAP-TCodes_Module_WP-EN.pdf WPObsolete Product: Workplace616.83 KB
65 SAP-TCodes_Module_XAP-EN.pdf XAPCollaborative Cross Applications644.30 KB

The double entry accounting system is used to record financial transactions. Each transaction affects at least two items in the accounting equation, in order to maintain its equality. Revenue is earned in cash: The asset Cash increases and Stockholders’ Equity.

Buying and Selling are the two most integral aspects of the society. It often involves two unrelated people. Hence there is always a major question mark of trust, loyalty, and faith. Of course in a world filled with conflict one cannot believe anyone randomly especially when it involves money. So how can one ensure to have smooth transaction? An Agreement Forms as a perfect solution. It is a written statement including all the terms and conditions of the transaction which is signed by both the parties in agreement.

The Transaction The first thing you need to think about with a virtual currency is the transaction the actual exchange of value from one person to another. While this may sound simple, in many ways it can be easy to forge a transaction to try to cheat the system. With physical currency, transactions are controlled by banking institutions. The'Man-Month The second fallacious thought mode is expressed in the very unit of effort used in estimating and scheduling: the man-month. Cost does indeed vary as the product of the number of men and the number of months. Progress does not. Hence the man-month as a unit for measuring the size of a job is a dangerous and deceptive myth.

Sales with Buyback Agreement


A Buy-back agreement is used when the seller intends to repurchase the product he has sold to the buyer, provided some conditions are met. The terms and the cost of repurchase are generally mentioned in the agreement.

Sale Agreement Registration Form

This agreement stays as a solid proof in any sales transaction. The agreement states all the exact details of the purchaser and the seller and also the details of the product being sold. It is Generally used in property sales. You may also see Service Agreement Forms.

Non Compete Agreement for Sales Representative

The specially drafted agreement used in recruiting a sales representative so that he/she will not indulge in any personal activities from their side that may bring loss to the recruiter. An agreement which ensures the sales representative does not end up competing with his recruiter.

Sales Distribution Agreement Form

It is generally signed between product developers and the distributors who market their product. Terms and restrictions are put upon the distributors who will have access to the product. It is essential to avoid piracy where the distributor might leak the product among unwanted groups. you can also see Stock Purchase Agreement Forms.

Commercial Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement

Exclusively used in case of commercial real estate properties, this agreement generally serves as a critical evidence in the case of conflict. All clauses related to the real estate business are included within the agreement.

Boat Sale Agreement Form

As the name suggests it is exclusively used for the sale of boats. This agreement is much simpler than other agreements and includes fewer clauses. The details of the buyer, seller, and the boat are specified. You may also see Sales Agreement Forms.


Sale Agreement Form for Equipment

This agreement is generally signed between two organizations in a transaction of a bulk of shipment. The details of delivery and mode of payment are mentioned. The document serves as a manuscript of trust between the purchaser and supplier.

Standard Agreement for the Sale

It is a very detailed agreement covering all possible terms and clauses of conflict. Used primarily in real-estate business to ensure smooth transactions and have evidence to go to court in case either party violates any conditions.

Credit Sale Agreement Form

It is an agreement primarily concerning the method of payment to the seller. Payment could be made on a later date or in installments. Such conditions are discussed by the parties involved and an agreement is signed which the buyer should abide by. You may also see Commercial Agreement Forms.

Car Sales Agreement Form

This is another simple agreement exclusively for car sales. The proper details and current status and registration and ownership of the car involved are mentioned. Details about any warranty, payment or judicial remedies in case of conflict are also discussed and the deal is signed.

So Who Needs all These Templates?

Most of these agreements are lengthy and could be quite confusing for the common man. Often Arbitrators or Advocates help is required. These consignment agreement forms give a clear idea about the precautions to be taken during various sales transactions. All this is technical stuff and obviously is difficult for individuals to draft by themselves. Hence they can make use of all these templates with ease. Also, the brokers involved in any sale will require these forms a lot. You can also see Lease Purchase Agreement Forms.

What are the Benefits of Having these Agreements?

They are indeed crucial. Every sales agreement symbolizes the trust between the trust between the purchaser and seller. It helps people be conscious and not violate any rules for their selfish purpose as the agreement forms the basis to take any legal action against the defaulters. The Agreement keep a check that everything is fair and square. Also, the people who sign it will feel obliged to perform their duties properly. Hence a sales agreement is a quintessential factor in any transaction. You may also see Business Partnership Agreement.

So the next time you want to sell anything or buy something you know where you should look for to make the perfect deal on your own. It’s the sales agreement form. Browse through them, catch the relevant one and use it at your ease and make your life simple. These sales agreements are quite convenient, aren’t they?

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