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We figured we’d collect together the best music business pdf collection in one place.

That way, every aspiring artist, every DIY musician, or everyone looking to make it in the music business as a manager, agent, A&R guy, or music business executive of any kind can grab this invaluable source of music business knowledge.

Making business documents is not an easy task. There are several factors to consider, including government stipulations that can affect business dealings. We have a wide selection of professionally written and fully customizable business letters, reports, and contracts that you can easily download. Download the full 25+ page.PDF about the music industry Different members of the ‘The Core’ have different jobs, but they all come together to build the career of artists. For the manager, it’s their job to shield the artist from the outside world, to take care of all business affairs in their domain, and to find and involve other people. Download Free PDF. Database Systems design, implementation,&management. Download Download PDF. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. The musicbusiness is the business of financially exploiting music (songs/recordings) and music artists. The music industry is the branch of the entertainment industry that creates financial gain from the music business and music business related activities, such as music publishing and the.

You already feel like you need to learn what the music business is all about, right?

And you need to learn from people who actually know what they’re talking about?

If that’s you, read on.

Knowing how the music business works will help you chart your way through it and tell you what you need to learn to promote and market your own music.

That’s what this collection of music business pdf‘s is all about. Oh, and they are all free to download.

This list is updated regularly so you can bookmark it and keep coming back to see if we’ve found any more great resources.

1. Artist Management & Marketing – A Beginner’s Guide (Amy Thomson)

This Business Of Artist Management PDF Free Download Books

This is an amazing free music advice eBook from someone who is the real deal. Amy was the manager who took Swedish House Mafia from a run of the mill dance outfit to headlining Coachella, sell-out tours and number one records. She did the same for a bunch of other artists too.

This Business of Artist Management PDF Free Download for windows 7

She’s seen and done it all in a twenty-plus year career and decided to throw down the contents of her brain in a 5 day period during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This Business Of Artist Management Pdf Free Download Free

That means this is a detailed and informative book from someone with very current experience who wants to tell you how it’s done!

The book leans on the side of large scale success and is from a magenment perspective but it also has the clearest and easiest to understand breakdown of how all the roles and functions within the modern music industry fit together that I’ve seen.

In short, if you digest this music industry pdf you’ll know how the whole music industry works a lot better than most.

Grab it and devour!

2. Music Business – Digital Handbook (Berklee Online).

In this feree music industry pdf, you’ll find a collection of articles by faculty and guests at, the online part of the world-famous Berklee College of Music.

These people know their stuff – being successful artists and executives with countless years of experience actually working with and breaking artists. I have done a couple of their courses over the years, so I know first hand how good they are – they should be listened to!

Particularly good, in my opinion, are the pieces by Mike King on ‘Direct to Fan Music Marketing’ and ‘How to get your music in TV & Film’ in Volume 1 and ‘Using Fan Funding techniques to help a Direct to Fan marketing campaign’ in Volume 2.

However, there are 13 articles in all. Some are music business theory and some are ‘how to’ lessons that you can apply. It’s all good though!

We’d normally put something like these on our daily musician tips sites, but they are so good I want them to be here for every musican who need them to find easily!

This Business Of Artist Management Pdf Free Download Online

Get Berklee’s music business pdf‘ here.

Music Business Handbook Volume 1.


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This Business Of Artist Management PDF Free Download For Windows 7

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