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Author:Ashley McConnell [McConnell, Ashley]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 1999-06-30T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 10

“Your friends are dead,” Alizane announced, with no preliminaries. “We found them in the hills this morning and killed them. Where are the Candidates?”

O’Neill tilted his head to one side, examining the female Councilor. He was damned tired and no longer concerned with maintaining the pristine state of the floor. His arms hurt, and he wasn’t even a little interested in the attractiveness of the woman before him, not even a little impressed by the pair of bodyguards accompanying her. “Bullshit.”

Alizane blinked. “I beg your pardon?”

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“That’s a word we use on our world to tell people we know they’re lying,” he explained kindly.

One of the bodyguards hit him, rocking his head back hard against the wall. Well, he’d seen that coming. He rubbed the blood from the corner of his mouth off on his shoulder and tested cautiously for more loose teeth. Nope, not this time. He hadn’t even lost the one that was already wobbly. The guy had absolutely no talent at all. In fact, he was rubbing his knuckles surreptitiously, as if he’d hurt his hand on O’Neill’s jaw.

“The gate opens tomorrow morning,” Alizane said, desperation coming through in her voice. “The Candidates must be found.”

“Well, hey, if you need to make up the numbers, why don’t you volunteer?” he jeered. “After all, you’ve been there before. No big deal, right?”


As soon as the words were out of his mouth he regretted them. There was nothing like putting ideas in their heads, was there? From the look of sick terror that flashed through the woman’s eyes, he could tell there was no way she would ever go back to the Goa’uld. They’d have to come after her and drag her back, kicking and screaming.

But they couldn’t drag her back.


There had to be a way to open the gate from this side.

He’d had lots of time, hanging in chains all night, to try to figure out how to get out of this one. Try as he might, he could think of only one way.

“You said the Jaffa came through the gate to tell you when to get the tribute ready. You’re sure it was a Jaffa, not a Goa’uld?”

Alizane snorted, whether at the implication she didn’t know the difference or at the role reversal of prisoner interrogating captor he couldn’t tell.

“Tell you what,” he said, speaking rapidly in order to put the proposal on the table before his own sense of survival cut in. “You need to make up the numbers, right? We’re not going to give you the kids. But if you give us our clothing and our packs, Daniel and I will go instead.”

The Price You Pay For College PDF Free Download Windows 10

Her mouth was open to shout at him again. She closed if, staring at him incredulously.

“I mean it,” he urged. “Send us. You know what it’s like there—you don’t really want to send the kids into it. You don’t really want to lose anybody, do you?” He hoped she wouldn’t realize that she was the one who held all the cards in this hand.


The Price You Pay For College Pdf free. download full

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