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Procrastination so you can claim back your life and do the things that REALLY matter to you. By overcoming procrastination you can create the joy, freedom, wealth and success you deserve - and it all starts here - right now. To be clear this is not a book about ‘normal procrastination’ which everyone has in one form or another. Guide 100% FREE! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD (doesn’t work with me + 3x same name). You’re probably procrastinating right now by reading this. Procrastination is powerful, but with a bit more understanding of what it is, some considerations of how procrastination impacts you subjectively and some key steps in how to overcome it, you don’t have to be at its mercy. In this workbook, we will take a closer look at what procrastination is all about, where is comes from and how to stop it. Or they want to stop procrastinating but I am a procrastinator, it's going to be challenge there. And finally right below the level of behavior, if you're not doing that behavior, check in with the less level on the bottom actually, which is the level of environment. Somebody may want to stop smoking but they're around smokers all the time.

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There are two kinds of people in this world:

  1. Those who genuinely don’t know what to do; and
  2. Those who know what to do but aren’t doing it.

In this area of The Art of Living, we’ll tackle the second. We’ll learn how to reliably beat procrastination so you can focus on getting stuff done.

Want me to show you the quick, easy way to beat procrastination permanently?Click here, download a free chapter of TAoL‘s Ultimate Productivity Primer and learn exactly why you procrastinate, what to do if you’re procrastinating right now and how to stop procrastinating for good. Check it out →

And otherwise, enjoy the free book recommendations, book summaries and articles on procrastination below.

Stop Procrastinating--Right Now! PDF Free Download

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7 MINUTE READ TAoL's ultimate guide to defeating distractions, beating procrastination, setting each day up for success, getting organised and generally getting more done - by thinker, writer and coach, Arthur Worsley.

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1 MINUTE READ In this über short-article we'll discuss 4 different ways to define procrastination, introduce the concept of PREcrastination and learn the surprising truth about why procrastination isn't always your enemy.
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Overcoming Procrastination Worksheet Pdf

Thursday, 6:31 AM October 28, 2019 Dear friend, One of my favourite things about this co-working space (in Pererenan, Bali) is the family of cows that lives directly outside it. I’m feeling increasingly guilty about last night’s burger as I watch momma cow lovingly groom her two calves. It’s making me realise that the big reason I eat meat, burn oil and use plastic is how disconnected I am from the results of my actions. Anyway, that’s not what I want to talk about today (although there’s a good productivity lesson in there for another time). What I want to…