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This will help you in connecting with your audience. You may also like dedication speech examples. Share your story. Share the experience that made the biggest impact to your life, and how it motivated you. Your audience must understand every word you deliver in order to understand your point. Download Free PDF. Principles of Business Management. Download Download PDF. Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package. A short summary of. And clubs of which the CEO is a member, approved by the Chairman of the Board as being in the best interests of the Hospital. The Hospital also agrees to: (a) insure the CEO under its general liability insurance policy for all acts done by him in good faith as Chief. “think like a lawyer.” Studying law is not primarily about learning a bunch of legal rules, the law schools insist, for law has far more rules than can be taught in three years of legal education. Besides, many of the legal rules that might be learned in law school will have been changed by legal reasoning. Legal reasoning?

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Teetering on the top rung of the corporate ladder takes skill and guts. A single gust in the form of negative publicity or poor judgment can knock you loose. Unless you actively seek out ways to self-improve amid a changing global economy, you can’t hold on to your position and fulfill your responsibility to the employees and customers who depend on you.

How can you avoid crashing to the ground? Start by engaging in some mind-expanding extracurricular reading. Here are seven excellent books that will help CEOs (and future chief executives) lead with more confidence and skill. Add these titles to your personal library as invaluable resources to inform your professional—and perhaps personal—choices moving forward.

Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Upby Jerry Colonna

Jerry Colonna opens his book with tough questions regarding your habits, belief systems and weaknesses. He continues this practice of guided self-evaluation after every chapter as he walks with you down the path to achieve inner and outer balance. His Jungian approach mixed with Buddhist touches helps you see why your go-to leadership tenets and behaviors might not match the real you. I relished this opportunity to learn how to bring more of the total “me” to my position.

Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind and Body for Successby Ben Angel

Because I’m new to biohacking, this book has been a revelation. Could nootropics and supplements give me more energy? I’m game to find out. Ben Angel’s own biohacking journey led him to better health, revived mental performance and lowered stress. And I doubt he’s ever going back to his former routine. Even if you don’t plan on following 100% in Angel’s footsteps, you’ll learn to improve your everyday output and mood through straightforward, safe biohacks.

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The Messy Marketplace: Selling Your Business in a World of Imperfect Buyersby Brent Beshore

If you own a business, you may someday wish to sell it—and that’s not exactly a straightforward process. Many leaders forget to manage their expectations when contemplating a future sale. What they need isThe Messy Marketplace, which maps out a realistic path for these frequently confusing transitions. I would encourage you to pick up Beshore’s book even if you’re not actively ready to put your business “out there.” I’m not at that point myself, but I’m glad to have been enlightened on this fascinating and often emotionally charged subject.

Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbellby Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle

Think a guy who helped build Google, Apple and Intuit (where he was CEO) might have some wisdom to impart to today’s chief executives? Schmidt, Rosenberg and Eagle—and the more than 80 people interviewed in these pages—clearly do. Bill Campbell was revered in Silicon Valley for his ability to promote personal growth even in leaders who were at the top of their career games. After readingTrillion Dollar Coach, you bet I’m embracing Campbell’s principles for producing high-performing teams and changing lives.

Dare to Leadby Brené Brown

Tenacious and truthful, Brené Brown has risen as a C-suite idol. Her most recent book is an honest look at what it takes to lead with unrepentant authority, bravery and integrity. Yet she doesn’t gloss over the importance of emotions and empathy.Dare to Leadhas reignited my desire to become a stronger example for everyone in my sphere of influence. If you’re tired of living with the management status quo, this bestseller will rattle your cage in the best way possible.

Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Othersby Robert Glazer

We all get stuck sometimes: stuck in our careers, stuck in our roles, even stuck in our routines.Elevatewill help you break free by exploring and honing your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical capacities. I recommend taking notes after every chapter to remind yourself of what you need to do to become a better version of your current self. Thanks to Robert Glazer, I have a challenging new to-do list that I’m eager to dive into.

It's the Managerby Jim Clifton and Jim Harter

Who are the most important employees in your ranks? Gallup’s Jim Clifton and Jim Harter say the honor goes to managers. Unfortunately, we’re not training supervisors in modern ways. This book strives to remedy that problem by delving into the CliftonStrengths assessment as well as providing clever management-training ideas and tons of supporting research. This book is designed as a go-to resource for leaders, so keep it handy as a reference. I know I’ll be coaching my executive clients using Clifton and Harter’s research-backed techniques.

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The 22 Vital Traits You Need to Be the Person at the Top

Being a CEO is not the same as “Being” a CEO.

The Difference is in your action and behavior that can be learned if your approach the job sincerely.

Who Should Read “How to Think Like a CEO”? And Why?

The bottom line is – by learning the ropes of how CEOs behave is the only way that leads upstream. Take the lead of your organization and implement the concept of leadership while thinking like a CEO.

This book comes as a blessing for newcomers, and leadership experts who wish to expand their knowledge and become a CEO any organization crave to have.

About Debra A. Benton

Debra A. Bentonis an internationally recognized speaker, motivator, author, and consultant. She used the outside help of Benton Management Resources, to aid other organizations and leaders worldwide.

Her expertise stretches from ordinary managerial activities to advising global brands – associated with management.

CEOs and managers despite their stressful environment are more prone to endure in difficult times than any other.

As an author, she wrote Lions Don’t Need to Roar, Fit In and Move Ahead, a book about how productive people interpret various situations.

“How to Think Like a CEO Summary”

Learn how to act, speak, walk, think, and solve problems as a Leader, not as a boss. Back in the old days, when the companies relied only on one man, being a boss was a straightforward thing.

The authority was unquestioned, and the employees had little freedom to express their point of view. Progress is not possible without a struggle, so if you think that your hereditary title is enough to make your presence felt among the associates – you are wrong!

Nowadays, interpersonal skills are far more significant than the know-how.

Climbing the corporate ladder has been an impossible goal for most people, but the CEO’s path takes a little more than that. Don’t motivate yourself with a bigger salary, strive to improve your skills, and receive a mountain of knowledge.

Such a mentality is a rarity in today’s environment, but you should never underestimate the power of a well-educated person. The wheel of life doesn’t follow any rules, so for an individual to reach the top, it must overcome all the obstacles that occur on the road.

A” must have” for any CEO would be certain qualities that define you as a devoted person.

These attributes serve a higher purpose if you wish to find yourself at the top. To become a creative CEO, you must have a knowledge linked to multiple fields. However, neither one expertise will help you if you lack an essential tool – critical thinking skills.

Another vital quality other than interpersonal attributes is being able to solve problems on an organizational level. During the process of making your business function efficiently, good CEO must know how to overpower those tricky and nasty situations and come as a winner on the other side.

Above all, comes the ambition that drives people forward to endure in these difficult times. As continue your journey, climbing higher and higher, you’ll realize that nothing other than yourself has been pushing you down all the time.

Don’t conduct any activities unprepared; planning is the key to success. Excellent leaders walk around, thinking about their next move. This mentality separates the successful from average CEOs.

Neglecting organizational issues that endanger the production is characteristic for decision-makers who don’t strive to get to the top. Do the best you can, to never become one of these!! If you are new in the company, try and see why you have been hired.

If your work is of unparalleledquality, nothing stops you from reaching a stage when you can actually perform as a CEO.

Debra conducted interviews with major corporations’ CEOs who explained all the vital expectations that every executive must fulfill on behalf of the company. Nothing comes better than reading a book enriched with first-hand experiences from first-class CEOs.

The growth always comes with a price; your job is to make sure that these “costs” will not outweigh the benefits. Dealing with all sorts of challenges is something that every manager, executive or CEO must handle.

Despite the bad influence deriving from some of the environmental factors, you must be prepared to analyze and manage the situation. It’s best to start with a summary of the organizational activities that create value. After that, the establishment of a “firm footing” should come naturally.


From a reader’s perspective, receiving insights from the successful CEOs is a must-seize kind-of-opportunity. We recommend this excellent book, especially to those eager to climb their way up in management, and those persistent enough to become the next great CEOs.

Key Lessons from “How to Think Like a CEO”

Speak Like A CEO PDF Free Download

1. Team cohesion overthrows individual capacity
2.Operate with professionalism
3.People love straightforward and honest communication

Team cohesion overthrows individual capacity

Even though it seems strange, employers emphasize the value of being a contributor to the organization cohesion and are not so concerned with the technical abilities.

Nothing differentiates a regular employee from a CEO – referring to the necessary attributes.

Operate with professionalism

Company’s success depends on your ingenuity, and expertise that you apply to your daily work, regardless of your present position.

A more motivated CEO is more likely to manage the organization better.

The professionals adhere to perfection and operate with utmost efficiency guided by an open mindset.

People love straightforward and honest communication

Leaders or managers who don’t have show respect towards others are killing the productivity within the organization.

Maintaining a positive atmosphere consists of making sure that everyone follows your directions “not orders”.

Clear instructions and transparent discussion inspire trust and avoid any misunderstanding.

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