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17 Current Practices in the Validation of Aseptic Processing - 1992 (Retired) 1993 43223 18 Validation of Computer-Related Systems (Retired) 1995 43224 19 Rapid/Automated ID Methods Survey (Retired) 1990 43225 20 Report on Survey of Current Industry Gowning Practices (Retired) 1990 41239 21 Bioburden Recovery Validation (Retired) 1990 41258. The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions is the coordinating agency of the Central Government in personnel matters specially issues concerning recruitment, training, career development, staff welfare as well as the post retirement dispensation. The Ministry is also concerned with the process of responsive people-oriented modern administration. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - 48RE DESCRIPTION The 48RE (Fig. 1) is a four speed fully automatic transmissions with an electronic governor. The 48RE is equipped with a lock-up clutch in the torque con. Guys, many thanks for Free Download Manager! It's very easy for average users like me to download files. I really like the Snail mode. For example, when I skype my mum, Free Download Manager doesn't break the connection, it just minimazes the download speed.


The appropriate authority has the absolute right to retire, if it is necessary to do so in public interest, any Government employee as per provisions of Rules as under :-

FR 56 (j) Pension Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972

Retired At 48 PDF Free Download
1CategoryGroup ‘A & B’officers:iii.Entered servicebefore 35 years ofageiv.Attained 50 yearsof ageOther cases:Attained 55 years of age 56 (e) a Govt. Servant in Group ‘C’ of post who is not governed by any Pension Rules, can also be retired after he has completed 30 years service.All Government servants covered by CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 who have completed 30 years of qualifying service.
2Notice Period3 months or 3 months pay and allowances in lieu thereof3 months or 3 months pay and allowances in lieu thereof

The cases of Government servant covered by FR 56(j) or Rule 48 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 should be reviewed six months before he attains the age of 50/55 years or completes 30 years service, whichever occurs earlier in cases covered by FR 56(j) and 30 years of qualifying service under Rule 48 of CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972.

Time Schedule for review is as under:-

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No.Quarter in which review is to be made Cases of employees who will be attaining the age of 50/55 years or will be completing 30 years of service or 30 years of service qualifying for pension, as the case may be, in the quarter.
1.January to MarchJuly to September of the same year
2.April to JuneOctober to December of the same year
3.July to SeptemberJanuary to March of the next year
4.October to DecemberApril to June of the next year

A register of employees who are due to attain the age of 50/55 years or complete 30 years of service to be maintained. The register should be scrutinized at the beginning of every quarter by a senior officer in the Ministry / Department and the review undertaken according to the above schedule.

Note : Compulsory Retirement as a penalty under CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965 is distinct from the above provisions.

All India Service: A Member of All India Services can be compulsorily retired in terms of Rule 16(3) of AIS (DCRG) Rules, 1958. On completion of fifteen years or twenty five years of qualifying service or attains the age of fifty years on any date thereafter. Detailed procedure is indicated in the annexed copy of DoPT letter No.25013/02/2005-AIS.II dated 28.6.2012

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