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  • Your real estate agent bio does a lot more than introduce you to potential clients. It helps buyers and sellers determine if they’ll use your services for their real estate needs. Today, 62% of agents spend at least an hour a day on marketing or advertising to promote their company. Advertising is great for attracting business, but the place.
  • If you are looking to make an impact using creative real estate business cards, do not forget to utilize some of these taglines given below. “Letting you find homes with perfection.”. “Hassle-free way to find your dream homes.”. “Hurry up, your new home awaits you.”. “Don’t go by the names, go by the reputation of companies.”.

Are you new to the real estate business and looking to establish your brand? Do you think you could define your business’ mission in four words, or maybe even less? Real estate slogans are an essential component of your brand, and usually the first opportunity you have to make an impression on a client.

Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned seller, Perfect Phrases for Real Estate Agents and Brokers has just the right words and phrases you'll need to track down prospective properties and clients, manage transactions, negotiate terms, facilitate communications between buyer and seller, and close the deal. This easy-to-use, quick.

Why Real Estate Slogans are Important

Slogans offer you an opportunity to neatly condense your brand’s message so that it is easy for the potential client to read and understand.

Often what you say (or don’t say) in your slogan will make the difference between the client reaching out to you or moving on to someone else. Your slogan is a way for people to associate your name and business with specific values or ideas. Also, it offers you a way to try and separate yourself from the competition.

When deciding what your slogan should be, try asking yourself:

  • What makes your brand unique?
  • What do you want your clients to know about you?
  • What values does your business stand for? What’s your mission?

Below are 23 examples of powerful, catchy real estate slogans from different Realtors that can help inspire you to come up with your slogan.

Real Estate Slogans to Learn From

1. Wendi Cornell – “Ready to Sell? Call Team Cornell!”

First, the apparent appeal of this slogan is the fact that it rhymes. A slogan that sounds good has a better chance of sticking in the client’s head, ensuring that they remember you.

But the other thing this slogan accomplishes is that it presents a problem and then offers the solution. By labeling themselves as the solution to the question, this Realtor creates a sense of simplicity for the client.

All the client has to do is call them, and they will take care of the rest. This idea is what a client wants to hear, especially with a seemingly stressful process, such as selling your home.

2. Carrie Nenonen – “Selling St. Louis since 2001!”

This slogan does two things right. First, it highlights the Realtor’s local knowledge. If you’re buying or selling a home in St. Louis, ideally, you want a Realtor with substantial experience in that area.

The client is likely to have a higher degree of confidence in an agent with highly specialized, local knowledge instead of an agent who works in various neighborhoods.

Second, it shows how long the Realtor has been in business. With 19 years of service, any client who sees this is bound to trust this agent over someone just starting.

Combine these two elements, and you create a reputation for highly specialized knowledge with years of experience. This combination is a recipe for winning any business.

3. Gilbert Gallegos – “Dream. Search. Live.”

The best real estate slogans make powerful statements in as few words as possible. In the case of this slogan, it only takes three simple words.

First, this slogan serves as a direct call to action. It offers a step-by-step plan to find your new home, with the Realtor acting as the means to help you get there.


Also, the slogan simplifies the process so that the client never has to do any of the hard work. All they have to do is have a dream, search for a home, and then live there.

The agent will take care of all the stressful details in between.

4. Chris & Stephanie Somers – “Real Dreams – Real People – Real Estate”

This slogan highlights the Realtor’s values. The emphasis becomes on the word “real.” The clients’ dreams can quickly become a reality, and the agents themselves are real people, or down to earth.

Real estate becomes about the clients’ connection to their homes. The Realtor recognizes that the client’s home is meaningful and unique to them.

You can never go wrong, incorporating your values into your slogan. It’s important to let your client know what you care about.

5. Quintessential Realty – “Where You Live is Our Business”

Out of all the real estate slogans on this list, this one takes a humorous approach, which can also be a useful tool to draw in clients.

But the slogan also establishes the business’ mission. Quintessential Realty’s mission is to work with where you live, whether that’s buying or selling a home, and center their whole business around that goal.

Whatever the mission of your business is, using humor can be a great way to stand out from your competitors. It also has a higher chance of sticking in the client’s mind so that they remember you.

6. Dolly Lenz – “Client Focused. Results Driven™”

This slogan gets straight to the point. The Realtor’s values are clearly defined: they focus on the clients and are driven to get great results.

The emphasis on clients is essential, as it’s essentially saying that they provide excellent customer service. And what client doesn’t want excellent service?

Similarly, highlighting the results-driven goals is equally important because it suggests the business’ interests align with the clients’ goals. The client wants a great result, and so does the business, so it’s only natural that the client would choose to work with this Realtor.

This value-based approach is another option when coming up with your slogan. Sometimes getting directly to the values and mission of your business is more critical than rhymes and humor.

7. Dusty Baker – “Santa Barbara’s Premier Real Estate Professional”

This slogan is perhaps not quite as catchy as the previous ones, but it works because it emphasizes the agent’s reputation.

If you have some sort of achievement, award, or credential, this can work great in your slogan. Leads will be attracted to your reputation, knowledge, and authority.

If you’re the number one agent in your neighborhood, maybe consider using this in your slogan to attract attention. Clients will know that you’re an agent they can trust. Of course, make sure to use as few words as possible.

Perfect Phrases For Real Estate Agents Best

8. Exit Realty – “A Smart Move!”

This slogan is short, catchy, and aims to separate this Realtor from their competition. It highlights the Realtor’s confidence in their ability to serve the client.

The slogan also implies that the client is smart for making such a good choice and that choosing them is the best option they could go with.

Real estate slogans that simply find a creative way to stand out from the competition can be very useful.

9. The Noble Black Team – “Extraordinary Reach. Extraordinary Results.”

Again, this slogan is all about separating this Realtor from their competition. It does this by putting the spotlight on the business’ success and reputation.

This Realtor is separating themselves from their competition by claiming they have superior reach and results.

By highlighting their confidence in their ability to achieve extraordinary results, The Noble Black Team inspires the client to trust them.

10. Douglas Elliman – “Ask Elliman”

It’s hard to come up with a good slogan in only two words. But this one from Douglas Elliman is very useful, despite its simplicity.

The implication here is that Elliman has all the answers. They’re positioning themselves as sources of knowledge and authority, someone you can go to get any answer you need.

Furthermore, the Realtor is directly inviting the client to ask questions, which opens the door for excellent communication.

This tactic has the result of getting the client to trust that the Realtor has all the knowledge needed to get the job done. The client doesn’t have to worry about a single thing; all they have to do is ask him.

11. Corcoran Group – “Be Home”

Here is another effective slogan that communicates a strong message to the client in only two words.

This slogan also promises simplicity. The client won’t have to worry about anything other than being home. The Realtor will take care of the rest.

A message of simplicity is likely to resonate with the client, as they want to trust in the Realtor to take care of the stressful parts of moving.

Sometimes the most effective slogans create images in the clients’ minds. In this case, the idea is of them being at home after all the stressful parts of moving are over.

Invoking that sense of relaxation, and then offering your expertise to get them there, will be sure to draw clients to you.

12. Kristine Cuddy – “Keeping the Real in Real Estate”

Perfect Phrases for Real Estate Agents in my area

In this case, the Realtor’s slogan communicates a message of being down to earth, someone the client can relate to.

This relaxed style is an excellent choice for a slogan because it emphasizes creating a relationship between the agent and the client. An agent who is down to earth is someone easy to work with.

Rather than being a stiff, business sort of personality, “keeping it real” shows that the Realtor values a human connection with her clients.

Sometimes just reminding the client that you are human and want to connect is an effective way to trust you and choose you as their agent.

13. RVA Home Team – “We Take Care of Everything”

Here’s another example of a Realtor with a slogan that emphasizes simplicity. They’re communicating to the client that they won’t have to worry or stress about any of the details.

Letting your client know that they can rely on you to take care of everything is exactly what they want to hear.

It also shows you care about providing them with excellent customer service and that you will go above and beyond to make sure they are taken care of.

14. Real – “Your Success is Real’s Mission”

Real’s slogan is another example of clearly stating the business’ mission. The slogan implies that they have the customer’s best interest at heart.

The success of their business depends on the client’s success, so they will do whatever it takes to make the client happy.

It shows that they prioritize the clients’ needs over profit and care about the clients on a human level.

15. Long and Foster – “Search. See. Love.”

Here is another three-word slogan that offers the client a simplified vision of the home buying experience.

The Realtor communicates that all the client has to do is find a home they love, and then they will take care of the rest.

It’s a simple yet effective message that’s easy for the client to understand.

16. – “Find Your Nook”

Real estate slogans that incorporate the business’s name into the slogan can be a very effective way of capturing a client’s attention.

It can help them remember your brand and associate it with the values you want them to associate it with.

In this case, Nooklyn inspires the client to find their own space to call home and aims to be the means to help them get there.

17. Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate – “Expect Better”

Again, this is an example of a slogan that uses the Realtor’s name to convey the business’ values.

It assures the client that not only will they get good customer service, but that they should expect it. They shouldn’t settle for anything less.

The slogan also successfully sets Better Homes above their competition by showing that they have a high-quality service standard.

18. Coldwell Banker – “Fulfilling the Dream of Home Since 1906”

You can’t go wrong with real estate slogans that reference the brand’s reputation, as we’ve already seen.

In this case, Coldwell Banker has a long history of helping clients.

The client will know they are in good hands by choosing to work with this business. The promise of “fulfilling dreams” shows the client that Coldwell turns dreams into reality.

19. Halstead – “Move to What Moves You”

This slogan cleverly appeals to the client’s dreams and wishes.

Halstead knows that a dream home should be something special and important to the client, and they offer their services to turn that dream into reality.

20. The Boutique Real Estate Group – “Our Passion is People. What’s Yours?”

Asking a question is another excellent strategy to use in real estate slogans.

Rather than telling the client something, you open up the conversation and invite them to think for themselves. You are asking them to see if their values align with those of your business.

The slogan communicates that the Realtor wants to hear what the client has to say, which has the effect of making the client feel that their voice is valued.

The first part of the slogan is also significant because it shows that the Realtor is focused on people. It emphasizes that they are looking to form a human connection in their client relationships.

21. Town and Country Real Estate Hamptons – “The Power of Deep Roots”

This slogan nods to the Realtor’s long history and reputation in their neighborhood.

The Realtor elevates themselves above their competition by showing that they’ve been in the area for a long time.

The slogan implies that they are a natural choice for the client’s needs because they have the knowledge and expertise of that particular neighborhood.

Specifically, the word “power” shows that this Realtor’s reputation can help them get things done.

22. Jordanna Moskal – “Let’s Make It Happen!”

Real estate slogans that make use of a direct call to action are almost always effective.

This Realtor gets right to the point. She shows the client that whatever they want, not only is it possible to get done, but she is the one who can do it.

23. ERA Real Estate – “Always There For You”

This slogan focuses on creating a human connection with the client.

Often, a real estate agent’s relationship with a client continues long after the deal is closed. Maintaining a long term connection with them is in your best interest to grow your real estate business.

This Realtor’s promise to “always be there” shows that they deeply care about the client. With a thoughtful slogan like this, the client is sure to keep this Realtor in mind whenever they need their services in the future.

Be Creative With It

Finding the right slogan will depend on where you are in your business and what your goals are.

If you are just starting out, perhaps aim for something that clearly outlines what your values are. If you are more established, you can reference your history and expertise in your neighborhood to bring clients to you.

Other times, using your slogan simply to remind the client that you are human and have their best interest at heart can strongly appeal to them.

Perfect Phrases for Real Estate Agents best

Show them that you are after a relationship, not just a business transaction.

No matter what your strategy, be sure to keep it short! It doesn’t have to rhyme or be too fancy, but it should communicate a strong message clearly and efficiently.

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Real Estate Listing Examples:



The living is easy in this impressive, generously proportioned contemporary residence with lake and ocean views, located within a level stroll to the sand and surf.

The floor plan encompasses four spacious bedrooms with plenty of room for study, sleep and storage, three luxurious bathrooms, and a sleek and stylish kitchen that flows through to the dining room and private rear patio. The master bedroom, complete with walk-in robe and ensuite, ensures parents have a private space where they can enjoy the view.

Perfect for a family or as a holiday retreat, this home is ideally positioned to enjoy the proximity to beaches, cafes and restaurants, shopping centre, and a selection of premier schools.

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Prepare to be impressed when you enter this superbly maintained and presented home set on a sprawling 1/2 acre parcel of land occupying a peaceful street position.

Constructed over two levels, this home enjoys abundant natural light and a layout designed for easy living and entertaining.

The ground floor incorporates a generously proportioned kitchen, welcoming living and dining room, guest powder room and laundry. The living room’s fireplace provides comfort and warmth in the wintertime and the courtyard garden brings year-round delight.

Upstairs, you will find three dreamy bedrooms, a den, and a family-sized bathroom. The master bedroom suite with walk-in closet, ensuite bathroom and adjoining balcony encourages relaxation.

Other highlights of the property include central air, polished hardwood floors, quality fittings & fixtures and plentiful storage.

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With transport, schools, shops, dining & leisure facilities within easy reach, this is the ideal place to call home. Be prepared for this to be ‘love at first sight’.

Copy Cat Phrase Finder Creation
Real Estate Listing Generator – VIEW DEMO



It won’t be easy to click out of holiday mode in this stylishly contemporary residence for the modern pleasure-seeker.

Cool, calm and sophisticated with a youthful edge, this functional home is enveloped in light and comfort. Crisp white walls, timber floors, and high ceilings create a style as timeless as the sparkling ocean view. The calming sea vista, captured through the extensive use of glass, will help you forget your city stress.

This house screams ‘designer’ and will reflect the personality and taste of those accustomed to the best in quality design, finishes and lifestyle.

Copy Cat Phrase Finder Creation

Real Estate Listing Generator – VIEW DEMO



Rarely does an opportunity present itself to acquire the most enviable and exclusive property in Paradise Beach.


Magnificent ocean and beach views consume the top floor of this meticulously finished and modern property. Bi-fold doors create a seamless flow from the vast dining, kitchen and living areas to the expansive deck perfect for entertaining.

Soaring ceilings, white walls and timber floors add a dramatic tone to the all-encompassing view. Enjoy the comfort of a cool, shady cabana between dips in the saltwater pool or dive into the surf, just a few sandy steps from your front door.

This breathtaking resort-style home is sure to impress the most discerning buyer.

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This immaculately presented apartment is set amongst manicured grounds within a private and secure complex. As a resident, you will have access to lifestyle amenities including a lap pool, gymnasium, communal terraces, concierge service and basement parking.

The floorplan incorporates 2 bedrooms, the main with built-in robe and ensuite, a study nook, modern kitchen with quality appliances, luxurious bathroom, a cleverly concealed laundry, and a spacious living/dining area. The generously proportioned interior flows effortlessly from the open-plan living space to the private covered balcony from which you can admire the views of the garden and beyond.

With its warm sense of community, and only moments to shops, eateries and transport this home provides all the elements for relaxing, comfortable and easy-care living.

Member Since 2014

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Hidden away on the fringe of the city is this charming three bedroom residence plus study on a lush, leafy oasis.

On the entry-level is a rumpus room complete with fireplace, garage access, laundry, and recently remodeled bathroom.

Upstairs are the lavishly decorated bedrooms and an open plan living space awash with natural light from the wide angled windows.

Beyond the glass: a garden of Eden, two entertaining decks and a large sturdily constructed timber enclosure to house your boat or van.

This gorgeous home provides lifestyle options aplenty: kick off your shoes for a bit of in-home relaxation, or kick off your heels and party into the night in the city’s vibrant entertainment precinct – only 20 minutes away by road or rail.

Don’t delay – call for an inspection today!

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Perfect Phrases For Real Estate Agents & Brokers Pdf Free Download Windows 10


Embrace the spirit of DIY with this original cottage occupying a peaceful street position. This charming weatherboard home features 3 roomy bedrooms and bright, open living spaces.

There’s plenty of potential for the savvy investor or first home buyer.

Real Estate Listing Generator



This stylish residence is nestled on a large level block in a desirably tranquil cul-de-sac location.

The house comes complete with two living rooms, a welcoming kitchen/dining area, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, a study, and a laundry, and retains the value of peaceful living while being conveniently close to shops, school and transport.

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