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Date : 15 september 2021


  • Updated the Tomcat version used to run the application=> Nudge now uses Tomcat version 9 for cloud installations


Date : 27 august 2021


  • Updated PHP agent download link. The user is now redirected to the Atakama support site where a page groups together the agent installation and download procedure
  • Updated content of the popup for adding a new application
  • Added the ability to reset a user’s password from the login page. An email containing a randomly generated password is sent to the user who can then log in and replace his password as desired.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed registration issue when adding users as administrator
  • Correction du lien vers les CGU qui ne fonctionnait pas
  • Various internal fixes
Nudge (Summary) PDF Free Download


Date : 18 may 2021


  • New version 3.5.0 of the Java agent which can now instrument Java 9 and + applications


Date : 17 march 2021


  • Various internal changes following changes in the architecture of production environments


Date : 14 july 2020


  • Internal change on account administrators


Date : 27 february 2020

Fixed Issue

  • Fix the behavior of the resource API /users/{id}/tokens, which could return an empty list previously


Date : 21 nov. 2019


  • New template for Powerhouse APM (on premise version)


Date : 4 juil. 2019


  • The alerts resource API now refers to its generated alerts

Fixed Issue

  • SQL graphic fix that may be empty on the services tab
  • Normal behavior on API resource /alert/{id}, which could return an empty list previously


Date : 15 avr. 2019

Nudge (Summary) PDF Free Download


  • Monitoring of Tomcat datasource pools


Date : 5 dec. 2018

Fixed Issue

  • Fix an issue on API resource : app/{id}/event


Date : 5 oct 2018

Nudge pdf

Fixed Issues

  • Fix the display issue on SQL transactions, when the execution count is incorrect
  • Tomcat and Java MBeans are now available on the JMX tab
  • API resource /alerts/{id}, is now operational
  • Fix the error on an application removal (appeared when the owner of the application is an account not a user)


Date : 12 august 2018

Fixed Issue

  • Add non-admin users to groups
  • Handle empty transaction dashboard during a data consistency issue


Date : 6 august 2018


  • Add expiration date for users (via API call)

Fixed Issue

  • Add user with uppercase email addresses to group
  • Split too long JMX URLs


Date: 2nd march 2018


  • Internal optimization of agents messages collect

Fixed Issue

  • Neoload integration for PHP


Date: 25th feb. 2018


  • Accounts Users groups for authorizations
  • New JVM and Tomcat tabs for Jave services
  • Profiling for .NET apps (beta)

Fixed Issue

  • Top 5 SQL zoom failure
  • Some transactions does not have any type when appeares first time


Date: 7th november 2017

On premise

  • revert rawdata archive option default value
  • fix issue that sometime excluded an app from being analysed

2.16.3 & 2.16.4

Date : 2nd november 2017


Nudge Pdf Free

  • add type of incoming transactions in transactions table
  • improve report email

Fixed Issue

  • fix mbean histograms display


Date : 11th october 2017

Fixed Issue:

  • fix report stacked layer chart when measures are discontinuous


Date : 10th october 2017


  • little profiler design Improvements

Fixed Issue:

  • adjust UI timeout when displaying flame graph


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Date : 9th october 2017


  • Graphical design for the profiling

Fixed Issue:

  • System: issue displaying CPU load and consumption when one of both isn’t available


Date : 1st october 2017

Issue fixed:

  • Users with account rights might not be able to view errors details of account’s apps


Date : 12 september 2017

  • Several improvements and minor issues fixed


Date : 29 august 2017


  • Generalization of account’s user rights to account’s apps
  • Profiling : tree loading improvement

Issues fixed:

  • .NET apps rendering issues inside some screens

2.15.2 (2.15.1 included)

Date : 29 august 2017


  • On-prem : optimisation calculs et stockage mémoire des histogrammes
  • Profiling : regroupement de classes générées contenant des identifiant


Date : 21 august 2017


  • .NET applications support (beta)
  • new API resource for acl
  • new API resource for transaction profiling

Issues fixed:

  • event not raised for an alert without analysis period
  • display error from alert configuration volum filter
  • other ui errors


Date : 26th july 2017


  • GUI : services tab: components does not refresh with timeframe change


Date : 16th july 2017

Issue fixed:

  • GUI : firefox issue avoiding switching application


Date : 2nd july 2017

Issue fixed:

  • services : configuration and components list some time in different services


Date : 31 may 2017


  • login/signup with github ID

On premises:

  • agents usage export improved


Date : 30 may 2017


  • display application components & dependencies, requires Java Probe 3.2.
  • new API for application access control, see api-examples for details.

Issues fixed:

  • hide tomcat error status for expired JWT tokens
  • fix bad arrow direction on map for some services
  • changing service does not properly update table.


Date : 25 apr. 2017


  • Improve API token table is now sorted by expiration
  • API Console with logo for On-Premises

Issues fixed:

  • Error 500 when retrieving errors
  • On-Premises upgrade fix from 2.13
  • Unable to login when password uses some special characters
  • Unable to use sessions when user_behavior_enabled=false


also includes 2.13.2 and 2.13.1

Date : 12 apr. 2017

Issues fixed:

  • Alert configuration not accessible with too many alerts.
  • Unable to update report schedule


Date : 4 apr. 2017


  • Integrate with online payment (not available on-premises).


Date : 25 apr. 2017


  • Several minor bug fixes and improvements


Date : 30 mar. 2017


  • API tokens management from UI

Issues fixed:

  • Period change not considered inside Services tab
  • Chart popup of the layer transaction time chart display error
  • No mail sent with password for new invited user


Date : 05 mar. 2017


  • API call with token inside http header
  • Limit of login failures
  • JMX : automatic detection of incremental values

On premises:

  • Custom password format policy

2.12.0 & 2.12.1

Date : 22 feb. 2017


  • Derivative charts improvement for incrementing values
  • API: histograms for services metrics
  • Sessions: grouped transactions for better display
  • New report widget for given app synthesis
  • New display options for JMX metrics
  • Profiling: browser save and restores columns visibility state set by user

Issues fixed:

  • Sessions: Recent sessions of the period are not displayed
  • Sessions: Sort by duration broken
  • Percentiles sometime greater than maximum
  • Possible to configure alert setting after its deletion from a notification
  • UI sometimes sends API requests on unknown elements
  • UI lets user change transaction name event if he is not administrator

On premises:

  • UI sessions replaced par JWT
  • Several optimization of the analysis engine and rawdata upload controler
  • New option to choose which transaction details should be kept
  • More dynamic change of controler settings
  • Timestamped storage for files uploaded by probes
  • Upgrade Cassandra driver towards version 3
  • Visibility improvement of cassandra timeouts with huge analysis load


Date : 10 jan. 2017


  • Percentile chart with multiple series

Issues fixed:

  • Configuration popup of transaction apdex can’t be displayed


Date : 7 jan. 2017


  • System monitoring provided by app agents, inside Services tab


  • JMX chart: use unit depending on values


Date : 25 dec. 2016


  • Histogram quality improvement
  • Alerts: WebHook notification (documentation to come)


  • direct link between main dashboard’s alerts and notifications screen
  • Services tab: display las start timestamp and number of restarts in the period
  • Services tab: improved and easy to use action of comparison
  • JMX: use specific unit depending on values
  • Main dashboard: alerts display improvement
  • Mais dashboard: table sorting options
  • Transactions tab: create pre-configured alerts for specific transaction
  • Graphs cursors synchronization

Issues fixed:

  • Case when main dashboard fails to display
  • Case when several alerts rises at the same instant
  • Transaction details : case when wrong details displayed
  • Case when graph cursors freeze
  • Case when charts in reports is too high
  • Hide useless “Show All” buttons on some graphs
  • Cancel report schedules when deleting application
  • Reports: JMX charts displays 0 instead of holes when there are no measure
  • Services tab : impossible to zoom inside graphs


Date : 27 nov. 2016


  • Main dashboard load time is reduced (especially when many applications are displayed)

Issues fixed:

  • Fixing display issues in several screens when using the Firefox browser
  • Reports: On report deletion, corresponding scheduled sendings are also deleted


Date : 20 nov. 2016


  • the services tab include active instances even if some of them have no transaction
  • detailed view of IP address related information available from session list and transaction details
  • display synchronized cursors when several graphs are in the same screen
  • map: incoming and outgoing transactions displayed in several axis
  • map: improvement of web services naming

Issues fixed:

  • avoid selection of an empty time period
  • report widget of JMX values by service should filter inactive services
  • fix of screen updates while browsing from an application to another


Date : 5 nov. 2016


  • map improvement: links between services get colors and width according to data flow
  • events raised by disabled alert become hidden



Date : 5 nov. 2016


  • removal of last flash components
  • map improvement: detailed incoming transaction types
  • new design for services screen
  • comparison between service configurations

Issues fixed:

  • map: link measures no more duplicated
  • sessions: loading issue in some case
  • layer chart: the stack was not filled in some cases


Date : 15 oct. 2016

Issues fixed:

  • transaction details : wrong APDEX displayed
  • session call details may hide after first display
  • wrong localized date format in application overview
  • can’t use unit in minutes in order to define an alert
  • report sending : hidden drop down list when there are too much recipients
  • layer graphs in transaction overview are too tiny in some screen resolutions
  • percentile charts are not using 0 as minimum Y axis
  • particular format of session id can not be parsed
  • sessions are loaded twice
  • filter creation may fail because of wrong regular expression control


  • can choose to create a default report scheduling when creating an application
  • TOP-5 tables from application overview have quick links towards the matching section of the transaction tab


  • retrieve user rights on applications
  • get and manage application filters

On premises:

  • deleted weird message on login page
  • display of error message when password is wrong
  • dealing with logins not being emails
  • fix of internal error when trying to substitute to unknown login


Date : 18 sep. 2016

Issues fixed:

  • timezone issue seen in generated reports


  • Improved performance when dealing with metrics
  • application deletion need to be confirmed


Date : 11 sep. 2016


  • User behavior analysis through Java sessions
  • New chat system to communicate with helpdesk
  • Transaction details screen improvement
  • Reports’ charts improvement


  • Improvement of the applications’ data collector
  • Simplified loading of static resources


  • Transaction details: add of dates in ISO format


Date : 23 aug. 2016


  • New feature : message spreading through UI
  • Fix about user creation with external authentication when this one already exists in local data

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the probe version identification mechanism
  • New grant sended an email with a wrong user name
  • A wrong locale was used in PDF reports


Date : 4 aug. 2016

2.7.6 included


  • No more false positives of application outage alerts
  • New communication capabilities with load balancing system (better robustness and faster failure recovery in case of a clustered installation)
  • Memory usage optimization concerning applications’ data collection
  • Handling of incoming application data even in case of database outage (better robustness and failure recovery)


  • Fix about the retrieval of alert notifications in some rare cases

On Premises:

  • New on-premises parameter analyzer.limit.filesize for filtering incoming collected application data over a given size
  • Fix about user creation (for an on-premises installation)
  • Authentication with the LDAP protocol


Date : 17 jul. 2016


  • New tab with transactions details
  • Several UI improvements


  • considering probe message with some wrong formats
  • fix application’s Timezone
  • errors graph : consider real period limits
  • several fix when using API with some unusual cases
  • several charts fix

Known bugs:

  • sometimes wrong notification of probe update : it happens that the probe version number is badly considered during rawdata analysis so notification is mistaken


Date : 5 jui. 2016


  • Transactions details available for analysis through the API
  • Several ergonomic improvements


  • Considering immediately changes of APDEX settings
  • Fixes of links to the documentation


  • Fix of the loading of the file


Date : 22 jun. 2016


  • Charts tooltips: display begin and end date of granularity
  • Application map aggregation improvements


  • No more lack of instances when the period is large
  • Several display fixes


Date : 12 jun. 2016

2.7.1 included


  • Fix requests on large time periods
  • Fix javascript error with Firefox
  • Olark localization
  • reports: add of user name and end time when generating report
  • New user profile form


  • filters remove tag in target code when the transaction doesn’t contains related parameter (instead of letting it as is)
  • Fix rawdata files requests


  • Fix of database initialization


New features:

  • Follow-up of transactions between two or more monitored applications ; Transactions can be followed across many apps, This is what we call the Cross-AppS,
  • Automatic monitoring of requests towards the MongoDB database,
  • The Java public API is now freely available on : feel free to use the @Trace annotation in your code !
  • connectivity check test: Can be executed in order to easily test the connectivity with the remote collector,
  • Customize your software layers through the @Trace annotation,
  • Customize your software layers through the “trace_classpath_regex” parameter.


  • Real-User-Monitoring (RUM) with other JavaServerFaces implementations (better coverage) and for JSPs under WebLogic,
  • Dynamic and automic replacement of buggy classfilewriter implementation of JBoss,
  • Automatic bytecode dump in case of instrumentation failure,
  • Automatic activation of JMX tree under Glassfish,
  • More logging by default in the first minutes of an application run,
  • Support of HTTP parameter with several values,
  • Support of JMX composite data type,
  • Automatic naming/filtering of temporary JMS queues (Tibco for example),
  • Detection of HTTP client calls through Axis 1,
  • Error detection from Servlet level (version 3),
  • On-Premises : custom report branding and sender setting for alert emails,
  • Filters available for outgoing transactions (layers).

Bug fixes:

  • EJB layer call-tree without bounded transaction,
  • Compatibility JDK 1.5 with javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest.getServletContext(),
  • Java layer response time computation with EJB and SQL layers,
  • NullPointerException with injection of a null value parameter in case of SQL prepared statements,
  • Javascript injection overriding window.onload,
  • Instrumentation of some class constructors,
  • Support of classes that are both EJB and WS descriptor,
  • Support of Derby and SQL-Server,
  • NullPointerException trying to get the URL of a WS that is only declared by annotation,
  • On-Premises: fix url inside invite e-mail message and avoid similar file name when receiving rawdata,
  • UI: considering browser timezone correctly,
  • Alerts: jvm outage: considering data collection time instead of data analyze time.


New features:

  • Create and manage your PHP Apps,
  • Create Automatic Reporting,
  • Create reports with API,
  • Add JMX data in the reports,
  • Download live PDF reports and send PDF reports by email.


  • Easy probe update with WGET/CURL,
  • New probe download screen,
  • Map improvement for “Java Probe 3.0”(coming soon).

Bug fixes:

  • Alerts: JVM outage,
  • Report: Wrong colors in layers charts,
  • Notification: Fix several minor bugs & Apdex controls.


  • Profiling storage in Cassandra 2 for a better performance,
  • Cassandra connection pool vision with JMX,
  • Memory usage improvement.



  • New “reporting menu” to manage and generate reports,
  • Add directly the graphs and dashboards in your report with a single click,
  • API’s new ressources.

General design:

  • Get direct links to API, Documentation, Helpdesk and Report on the left side menu,
  • Create an application through a new visual green button,
  • Switch directly from application’s dashboards to parameters (and reverse),
  • Easy “live deactivation” button of an application,
  • Alerts: decimal value allowed in thresholds.



  • New framework: web services Axis 1 is now supported
  • JMX: Choose to have your JMX’s curves in derivative (for increasing values),
  • Business Transactions: Check out directly in the Global view the performance of your application by layers at a glance (see picture 1) & Assign an alias on outgoing transactions (apart from SQL),
  • API: IANA norm is now handled for API’s dates,
  • RUM: See what OS and Browsers are used with your application (see picture 2),
  • Alerts: Choose time granularity & Deactivate all SLA and Alerts directly from your application’s platform (eg : for maintenance operations),
  • UI: A lot of small modifications to allow you to have a quicker and better user experience,
  • Filters: Choose HTTP headers to name business transactions,* MISC: Access to on line documentation directly from Nudge APM plateform.

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