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Nov 15, 2021 FREE Leadership Training Workshops: See our special Express of Gratitude free leadership development programs page to request a free one-day leadership workshop in November, December or January. Download The Better Decision Making: From Mind Full to Mindful Leadership PDF. Here are three scientifically proven ways mindfulness impacts your leadership training and your life: Mindfulness helps you manage your behaviour in real time Mindful meditation is a key practice for improving one’s ability to act purposefully and thoughtfully. “Mindfulness is a habit, it’s something the more one does, the more likely one is to be in that mode with less and less effort it’s a skill that can be learned. It’s accessing something we already have. Mindfulness isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is to remember to be Mindful.” –John Teasdale, co-originator of MBCT (Rock 2009). Training Our Minds in, with and for Compassion An Introduction to Concepts and Compassion-Focused Exercises Written by Paul Gilbert PhD FBPsS In consultation with Drs Christine Braehler, Michelle Cree, Corinne Gale, Chris Gillespie, Ken Goss, Andrew Gumley, Chris Irons, Deborah Lee, Ian Lowens.

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In the field of project management, there has been heightened attention on the value of interpersonal skills. The foundation of these skills is an increased awareness of oneself and others—and that begins with mindfulness. In this course, instructor Ruth Pearce explores what mindfulness is (and is not), challenging popular misconceptions about the practice of mindfulness and its importance in managing projects.
Ruth explores the links between mindfulness and the skills of a standout project manager, including leadership, decision-making, and communication. Learn how mindfulness can help you counteract cognitive bias and respond appropriately to both positive and negative stress. Get tips for transitioning from task to task mindfully. Plus, discover how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your everyday life.

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  • Ruth Pearce

    BE HOPEFUL : BE STRONG : BE BRAVE : BE CURIOUS Content Curator Coach Author Trainer Speaker Co-founder In It Together Coaching

    Ruth Pearce trained as a coach to chase her dream of helping others become their best selves.
    Initially convinced she would do mostly 1:1 coaching, over time, Ruth discovered the power of the group and gathered the group she needed to found In It Together Coaching. She loves enabling teams to function at their peak, and this love easily expanded to include speaking, workshops, and group training. Ruth has been ranked by Thinkers360 as one of the top 10 thought leaders in Mental Health and the Future of Work, as well as top 25 on the topic of Leadership. Learn more about Ruth and her work here.

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Mindfulness matters to project managers

Mindful Leadership Training PDF Free Download

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Mindfulness Training For Leaders

- As a project manager, do you find yourself pulled in different directions, stressed sometimes to the point of overwhelm, or feeling like you are unable to lead effectively because of all the distractions? Integrating mindfulness into your day will help you be poised, present, focused, effective, and calm, whatever your project and stakeholders throw at you. Mindfulness is not something extra to do. It is something that makes you able to do more. I'm Ruth Pearce, coach, lifelong project manager, and ambassador for the VIA Institute on Character. In this course, we'll take discoveries from psychology, behavioral science, and project management, and apply them to our work as project managers, to make us more effective. Along the way, you will develop practices that you can use wherever you are and whenever you need to, no special equipment required. Join me on this exciting and fun journey, and together, we will learn about mindfulness, a critical skill for project managers.

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Mindful Leadership Training PDF Free Download
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Mindful Leadership Training Pdf Free Download 2019

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Mindful Leadership Training PDF Free Download

xii, 195 pages ; 21 cm
Shows leaders how to integrate the practice of mindfulness, meditation, and self-awareness with effective techniques of management and mentorship
Includes bibliographical references and index
Introduction: training the mind for leadership excellence -- What is mindful leadership? -- Leading in the midst of chaos -- Finding the space to lead -- Mindfulness and leadership excellence -- Meditation practices for leaders -- Cushions, clearing the mind, and other myths -- A purposeful pause -- Reduce the noise, capture the signal -- Just walk -- senses and sensations -- Discovering your leadership principles -- Seeing thoughts and emotions clearly -- Scheduling space : the urgent vs. the important -- Realizing your full capabilities as a leader -- Leading through inspiration, not expectation -- Not just the facts : the role of emotions in leadership -- Compassion and kindness in the workplace -- Seeing the big picture -- Reaching your potential to lead -- Appendix 1: index to meditations, reflections, and purposeful pauses -- Appendix 2: using finding the space to lead to develop a personalized practice -- Acknowledgements -- Index