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Just because you’re creative and innovative does not mean you can conquer the design industry.

Thought these are among the most important ingredients, there’s a lot more to the recipe. Basic design knowledge still proves to be the basic foundation in one’s journey towards success.

In the same way that you can’t play professional basketball without knowing the rules, you can’t start establishing your name in the field without having a good grasp of its most basic concepts.

Below, we’ll be presenting 20 e-books that will take your design expertise to the next level. Sure, some of them are basic concepts. But guess what. You don’t get to the big leagues without mastering the basics first.

Some of the ideas presented below are also unique in perspective, and can help you bust through those blank walls you often face as a designer.

Why You Need These Resources

How could these e-books help you? Why do you need to download them?

They can give you a clean starting point.

Most of the time, the hardest part of making a design is getting started. Through these resources, you can create a more seamless process that could help you address any roadblocks you may be having every single time you work on a project.

There are also quite a few new concepts here, so these could also be something you can inject to your existing routine. You can’t say that your process is already perfect. Remember that there will always be some room for improvement, especially in an ever evolving industry such as design.

This also proves to be helpful for designers who have been in the field for so long, they feel the need to mix things up and introduce something new to the fold. After all, you can’t stick to the same thing over and over again. Sometimes, change can be just the thing that could elevate your style, and these resources could serve as your starting point for these changes.

They can help you make your work more organized.

For a lot of designers, chaos is their comfort zone. But this chaos can also be causing a lot of your design problems. These resources can help you put a little order into your routine. Through the tips presented in any of these e-books below, you can slowly turn things around and work in a more organized manner.

It shows you what rules you can bend.

Yes, designers are allowed to break the rules every so often. This much is necessary if you want to take advantage of your inborn creativity and ingenuity. You can’t say that you’re innovative if you keep doing things the same way, right?

But how can you bend the rules if you have no idea what the rules are?

Consider these e-books as your starting point in this regard. You’ll learn some of the most basic rules in design in some of these e-books. Master those rules, then start thinking of creative ways on how you can tweak them, and eventually, break them. From here, you can probably start influencing the way design will work a few years from now.

It opens opportunities for further learning.

Every great designer never stopped learning. It wasn’t about doing one thing, then doing that forever. As new trends emerge, great designers adjusted to their environment as well. In fact, they are often the ones who trigger the change, if only to keep their creativity and innovation alive.

When you download these e-books, you open up your own mind to a new world of learning. Don’t look at the description and dismiss them as something you probably know already. Every designer has his or her own way of doing things, so the designers who created these resources know that there are things they do differently that could probably benefit your greatly.

It makes you more credible.

When discussing things with other designers, and possibly, with clients who know a bit about design, how can you make yourself come across as a credible designer who can deliver what is asked from him?

These resources are made by some of the most innovative and influential designers from around the world. This means that these are the perfect sources of quotes and anecdotes you can use in daily conversation with both peers and potential clients. The knowledge you gain from these sources would also take your work to the next level, and if there’s anything that could effectively show you as a credible designer, that would be it.

Take a peek at the e-books below and start taking advantage of every single benefit you can get from them.

Free PDFs and E-books on Graphic Design

Now, some of you might be a little worried about the costs. After all, not a lot of good things come for free. There is often a belief that you get what you pay for. It’s a good thing the design industry has a lot of generous hearts that are willing to share their design knowledge with little to no cost.

Below are awesome PDF files and e-books that you can use to widen your design knowledge, or at least, brush up on the basics.

Practical Responsive Typography

Typography still proves to be one of the most crucial elements in design, especially if you want to make your message crystal clear. This e-book teaches you a lot of the basics, and a few of the advanced stuff as well. From optimizing screen spaces to choosing the right fonts for your design, it’s a treasure trove of knowledge that you can get for free.

The Practical Interaction Design Bundle

Here’s the awesome thing about this download – you get not one, not two, but three e-books in the bundle! You get Volumes 1 and 2 of Interaction Design Best Practices, which discusses establishing emotional connections through your work, proper use of empty space, figuring out habitual human behavior when creating your design, and a lot more. The third e-book is called Consistency in UI Design, something that can help you take your work a few notches higher.

Brand House Book

Branding is something you’re going to have to understand as a designer, because all your clients are going to place this as top priority. Branding is something that dictates how your design should be formed. It’s what tells you what kind of personality or character your design should have. And without a clear understanding of its concepts, you may end up creating design that are inconsistent with the brand. Thankfully, this e-book addresses a lot of your questions.

An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Any designer knows that Photoshop is a staple is anyone’s toolbox. You can’t just know how to do a couple of things using this tool. You have to at least know the basics, and this e-book is the perfect way to go through most of these basics in one go.

The Freelancer’s Bible

The title alone should tell you how useful this could be for you and your freelance practice. This is also applicable for designers who are currently working for an agency or the traditional employer, but are itching to break free. It tells you how to market your business, how to license your work, how to effectively communicate with clients, and other things that could help establish you as a real professional.

The Building Blocks of Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is important if you want your entire design to be as organized as possible. This also affects the way your audience sees your design. Without the right hierarchy, not only will the pages you create seem easy to navigate, it will also be hard for people to figure out what kind of message you’re sending across. This e-book tells you how to create this hierarchy properly.

The Shape of Design

Most of the e-books on this list tell you what to do and how to do it. But this e-book takes a different route. Instead of dealing with the how’s and the what’s, The Shape of Design tells you WHY you’re creating your design. This makes it even more important than any other tutorial, as it allows you to understand the spirit of every design aspect and element. And if you don’t understand why you’re doing what you’re doing, then I doubt you’ll be able to fully grasp what it is you should do to become a great designer.

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The Future of Product Design

Marketing In The Moment PDF Free Download

The Future of Product Design is a report that looks deep into why products are designed the way they are, and how this impacts the way things are going to be designed from hereon out. You see, every product ever made starts with a purpose or ideal. But it’s the way the product is designed that would turn these ideals into life. Even if you’re not into product design, this could be a real eye-opener for you.

Flat Design & Colors

Minimalism has been on the rise in the past few years, mostly because people just want to focus on what’s important and get rid of all the other useless baggage. Flat design is something that has become more popular with this newfound love for simplicity. This e-book discusses the best ways to use flat design and colors to make your work simple yet exceptionally appealing.

Design’s Iron Fist

Design’s Iron Fist is a great collection of one design wisdom after another. From teaching you ow to think like a designer to helping you deal with fear and doubt, from pushing you to get out of your creative rut to giving you tips on how to market your business online, it has compiled a lot of the basic knowledge that would help any designer get up on their feet and start establishing a name for themselves.

Everything There is to Know About Logo Design

Logos are among the many requests you’ll get the moment you start working as a designer. Note that logo making is not just about choosing a random image that looks nice, and pairing it up with the business name. There’s so much more involved in logo design, that this “small thing” you see can actually tell the story of an entire brand – as long as you choose the right elements to use. This e-book lets you do that.

Pixel Perfect Precision (PPP) Handbook

The PPP Handbook has proven to be such a treasure trove of design knowledge that this download is now on its 3rd version! The 1st version was just a simple handbook that gave details about pixels and the use of Photoshop. These basics, however, proved to be very useful to every designer that has come across it and downloaded it. Since then, it has evolved into the design bible that it is now.

The Vignelli Canon

Master designer Massimo Vignelli may have been one of the greatest in the field, but that doesn’t mean he kept all his secrets to himself. The Vignelli Canon gives you a wide spectrum of knowledge that will help you not only in terms of graphic design, but in product design, corporate design, and other aspects of the field as well.

Creative Suite Printing Guide

Download Marketing Management Book Pdf

In anything you design, there’s one thing that you have to consider. How would this look like in print? Your designs may look great on your screen, but things may end up looking different the moment it goes through the printing process. This e-book gives you all the info you need on how to make all your designs print-worthy, especially if you made them using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat or InDesign.

The Creative Aid Handbook

Richard Tapp and Nicole Smith know exactly how it feels to be caught in a creative rut, so they’ve put together this handbook that tells you how to boost your creative intellect and nurture your creative well-being. After all, proper knowledge of how all the tools work and how the elements go together will get you nowhere if your creative health is not as good as it should be. That’s exactly why you need some creative aid every so often, something that should put this e-book to good use.

How to be Creative

“But I’m already creative!” This is probably what a lot of you would say, after which, you would probably just go on and continue doing whatever you’ve been doing. But the real question here is this – are you using your creativity the right way? Are you even sure that you’re maximizing its full potential? That’s what this e-book talks about. As an advertising exec, Hugh MacLeod has seen a lot of creative people bring to the table whatever they can give at the moment, but he sees that they could have given so much more. Through these tried-and-tested tips, he shows you how great you can truly be using your creative mind. The fact that each tip comes with MacLeod’s cartoons should make this both entertaining and educational.

Graphic Design for Non-Profit Organizations

Don’t be fooled by the title. This e-book may be focusing on design perfect for non-profit organizations, but the learnings you get from this e-book can be applied to pretty much any kind of design. The great thing about this e-book is that the approach is straightforward, so even if you’re just a beginner in the design field, it’s going to be easy for you to grasp the concepts presented.

Breaking the Time Barrier

Do you ever wonder whether you’re earning as much as you’re worth? Well, this e-book bares it all. Learn how to charge what your work is really worth, instead of just clinging to what the client says, or what your peers say.

Time Management for Creative People

No matter how often you insist that cramming and procrastinating keeps your creative juices flowing, a lot of pro designers can attest to the fact that this is nothing but an excuse to avoid admitting that you have a time management problem. This e-book talks to you about this common problem. Remember that the better time management skills you have, the more projects you can take on and the more you’ll also earn. So before you talk to me about the benefits of cramming, try these concepts out first.

The Design Funnel

It’s happened to every designer out there. Your client gives you something really vague, then they expect you to translate it into a great design that would make jaws drop. Well, this manifesto finally addresses the issue and teaches you how to turn those vague instructions into an approach that has more meaning. In turn, this approach would allow you to create designs that correspond to what your clients want, and what you feel shows who you are as an artist.

Now who says you can’t get anything of value for free? Start downloading these resources now and enjoy learning more about how you can hone your craft and become the best designer you could be.

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Moving from Traditional to Digital

Philip Kotler, one of the world’s top marketing experts, wrote Marketing 4.0 to guide the next generation of professionals on the road to change.

Marketing is no longer the same: the internet and the rise of the digital world have changed the relationship of companies with their consumers.

Advertisements on billboards and television are no longer as influential as before. So how do you reach your customers effectively?

What are the changes brought by this new era of the digital world? This book will help you understand the new dynamics of the market and how you can improve your productivity today. Shall we go?

“Marketing 4.0 Summary”

What is Marketing 4.0

We are going through a period of transition and adaptation in marketing. In this age of digital economy, a new approach is required to guide marketers and help them anticipate disruptive technologies.

Marketing 4.0 is an approach that combines online and offline interactions between businesses and customers. Digital interaction alone is no longer sufficient in this new digital economy.

In fact, in an increasingly online world, offline interactions can represent a great competitive advantage.

Marketing 4.0 is also a mixture of style and content. We know that brands must be increasingly flexible and adaptable thanks to rapid technological trends.

But also, in an increasingly transparent world, authenticity is a very valuable asset.

Finally, Marketing 4.0 leverages machine-to-machine connectivity and artificial intelligence to improve marketing productivity while leveraging person-to-person connectivity to strengthen consumer engagement.

And in this new scenario, companies face some challenges:

  • If traditional media are no longer sufficient, how can we get customers’ attention?
  • How can we engage customers by encouraging supporters for our products and brands?
  • How to find influencers to promote our product?

Changes In Consumer Dynamics

Thanks to the internet, consumers are much more concerned about the quality of goods and companies before doing any business.

You can find out any information about a company using Google: Does this company have complaints? How does she treat her clients?

What are the main problems and difficulties faced by its consumers?

Marketing in the moment pdf free. download full

So it’s much harder for organizations to get customers’ attention.

And if you are thinking about developing successful marketing, you will need to do more than the old billboards or advertisements on television channels.

Spending lots of money on celebrities is no longer a guarantee of success for brands: the customer can get on the internet and find out if the product is really what it claims to be and if there are complaints.

So if you want to reach that consumer, you need to be present on the internet and his social networks.

Inclusive World

The structures of power have undergone a drastic change in the world. In the past, these structures were vertical and individual. What does that mean?

A few years ago, when you bought a quality product, your claim reached some family, friends, and acquaintances at the most.

The information did not go through because the channels were limited and exclusive.

These days, if you buy some bad product, you can complain about your social network and demonstrate your dissatisfaction with people you don’t even know by marking the company name.

So if someone else decides to research the product, they will have access to your complaint and can be influenced by it. The world today is inclusive, social and horizontal.

Consumers come together to share experiences and prevent them from being cheated by buying substandard products.

Also, anyone has access to the information available: if you want to know about the experience of someone who purchased a glass at Disney, you can do this from your city in the interior of Minas Gerais for example.

No more barriers, social networks have transformed the world. And that implies that no one else makes individual decisions. If you can search for information, why would not you do this before purchase?

So, if a company wants to achieve success, it must have a horizontal structure. There is no point in developing products and distributing them on the market.

The company needs to involve the consumer in this development process, making it a reflection of what happens in the digital world.

The power went out of the hand of the company to the consumer’s hand. Users no longer rely on brand advertising, being much more influenced by friends, family and social networks for example.

Digital Influencers

Forget about TV ads or mass mailing – people are no longer paying attention to these media, they do not trust you. Instead, as stated earlier, they rely on friends, colleagues, and before the social networks.

Celebrities and advertisements have been replaced by digital influencers: the Internet celebrities, Youtubers, and Instagramers that people trust.

And in digital marketing, influencers can be separated into three categories:

  • Young People (Mindshare)
  • Women (Marketshare)
  • Internet Inhabitants (Heartshare)

Young people are more open to new technologies and will be responsible for testing and evaluating your product.

If you can convince them, you can win the so-called Mindshare: young people will be thrilled with your solution and are interested in disclosing to friends, colleagues and older people.

Several types of research have shown that women are better decision-makers than men.


That happens because they are less impulsive and because they analyze several options in search of the best available purchase solution.

Therefore, they should not be ignored and are very relevant to your business. Conquering women will secure a good chunk of Marketshare for their product.

The people who live on the internet are the inhabitants. If these people like some product, they talk about it and indicate.

Also, these inhabitants have many followers on the web; which makes them great influencers. This way, you can earn Heartshare by making them defend your product by believing in its purpose.

Digital Marketing Brought Changes

Ignore the old market segmentation, in Marketing 4.0 it is replaced by community segmentation. It means that dialogues with communities will help you target your product.

But it is important to pay attention to the fact that these communities do not attach importance to spam and advertisements.

Insisting on this type of communication channel can tarnish your brand on the market. People are individual and unique, so they do not want standardized solutions.

You should strive to have a conversation with this community, which can bring good results.

Rather than simply presenting your product, you can ask straightforward questions like “Which product do you most use for this?”. In this way, you will promote dialogue and relationships with your customers.

Also, it is important to understand the value of the Character Code, which now replaces the famous ‘Brand Position.’

It means that the company must not only place itself on certain issues but must also demonstrate a position consistent with these positions – whether in the social networks or the culture of the organization.

Marketing 4.0
With the internet, brands should be more transparent as they are closely monitored by users.

You’ve probably heard of the famous 4P’s Marketing framework. Now they are replaced by the 4C’s. That is the most dramatic change promoted by Digital Marketing:

  • The Product is replaced by Co-creation: instead of simply launching a product, the company works together with the community, capturing the demands of it.
  • The Price is superseded by Currency: Recurring revenue-producing products/services systems – such as subscription channels (Spotify, 12min, Deezer, etc.) – are growing in the digital age, replacing the single price.
  • The Place is substituted by Communal Activation: Anyone can sell a product from anywhere. We no longer rely on physical spaces to sell ourselves.
  • The Promotion is replaced by Conversation: Product promotion is superseded by conversations between community members and social networks.

Using Content Marketing

Have you heard of Content Marketing?

Content marketing is an approach that involves creating, maintaining, and distributing engaging, relevant, and useful content to a well-defined audience that generates “noise” or conversations about that content.

That is because customers today are already tired of useless messages, spam, and cheap advertising.

Content marketing is also considered another form of journalism and publicity, which creates deep connections between brands and customers.

Brands that implement good content marketing give customers access to high-quality content while telling compelling stories in the process.

Content marketing changes the role of advertisers, who move from promoters to storytellers.

Content marketing wants to capture the customer for the business, making them aware of their product, increasing lead generation.

If you like cooking and when you are using your social networks see an article titled “10 simple and sophisticated recipes for those who have little time.” at first the subject is in your best interest and the information may be helpful to you, and so you’ll probably want to read the post.

After reading, you may want to subscribe to the site to receive new posts.

That is content marketing; the site has the data of a potential customer without making a without making direct advertising.

The company’s goal is to generate knowledge about its brand with no direct advertisement.

When companies advertise, there is a high chance that potential customers will reject content and will not sign up or sign up to receive new messages.

To create effective content marketing:

  1. Set your goal: What do you want to achieve with this campaign? Increase your brand awareness or increase your sales?
  2. Map your audience: what is the profile of customers? What are their desires?
  3. Content planning and idealization: what is the central theme of the content and which path should it be followed?
  4. Content creation: who will create this content? When will it be created?
  5. Content distribution: where do you want to do the distribution?
  6. Amplification of the content: what is your plan to leverage content and to interact with the customer?
  7. Content marketing evaluation: Has your campaign been successful? What metrics were used to measure?
  8. Improved content marketing: How can you improve?

How Multichannel Marketing Works

The current trend is for the customer to use more than one channel to buy and relate to the company.

How many times have you entered a store, searched for a product, and checked the price of the online store on Google’s mobile phone?

The past idea that having a good online presence is enough, it fell apart. Nowadays, it is important that the company tries to establish both online and off-line.

The challenge here is the integration of the technologies of both worlds: the physical store should be a complement to the virtual world, both should work well together.

The famous Starbucks coffee shop network, for example, works well with this multi-channel concept.

The company developed an application for the customer to sign up their card and choose their coffee from the cell phone.

When the client is one kilometer away from a Starbucks, the application advises the attendant to prepare the order without it having to face queues.

Companies that can use this trend efficiently will have significant competitive advantages.

The New Buyer’s Journey

The objective the new journey of the user is to lead the client from the moment he becomes aware of his brand until the moment he starts to defend and represent it. The steps of this journey are represented by the following 5 A’s:

  • Aware: At this point, you need to let the customer know that your brand exists in the world. You can achieve this in some ways – like advertisements, social networks, Adwords, blogs, etc.
  • Appeal: Here, you need to demonstrate your differential for the prospect. That means you need to stand out from your competitors – whether by design, company values and vision or any other feature that catches the attention of the potential consumer.
  • Ask: At this stage, your potential customer will research your company. He can do a Google search, ask some acquaintance or friend and look up information in the online communities. This point is crucial and the main reason for brands to maintain a good relationship with online communities – positive searches will influence their potential consumer, making them want to proceed with the business
  • Act: This is the stage of purchase. The user acts as paying for the product, closing the purchase. But in general, it only comes here if the result of your search has been positive.
  • Advocate: This is the post-sale stage. Customers who are satisfied with the product and with the company’s relationship will defend it.

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The Zone O

The Zone O represents the sources of influence of a person in decision-making. These sources are:

  • Own: These are the negative or positive experiences each has had with each brand. The company cannot have control over this source.
  • Other: Is the information acquired in the ‘Ask’ phase of the five A’s. These sources help in the final decision of the customer. The company also has no control over these sources.
  • Outer: They are the sources of information received by the digital and traditional communication channels. The company only has control over this source. The company needs to position itself well in these three sources, maintaining a good relationship with the customers and leaving them satisfied. Think about how your company positions itself within each of these sources. What does the online community talk about your product? Understanding each one of them and improving their positioning can help you succeed.

New Marketing And Productivity Metrics

Another important shift brought about by digital marketing is related to productivity metrics. In this new era, it is much simpler to measure your company’s results and use them to your advantage.

Two critical metrics for the digital age are the Purchase Action Ration or PAR and the brand advocates (Brand Advocacy Ration) or BAR.

The use of PAR is already widespread and necessary, but BAR came up with marketing 4.0. In BAR, what matters is the number of people who defend your brand.

The PAR is found by the number of purchases in the period divided by the total number of customers who remember your brand (aware customers).

As for BAR, it is found when you divide the number of people who would recommend your brand to the total number of customers who remember it.

These two metrics are very important to any company that wants to succeed in the digital age.

Improving Your Performance

Some tips to improve your performance by following these steps:

Increase your traction percentage: Always be seen by your audience and increase your presence on social networks. Find new ways to relate to users and wherever they are.

Optimize curiosity: Use creative content and attract your customer efficiently. You need to generate useful and relevant content for potential consumers.

Increase your commitment: Have a purpose and commit to it. Try to create a connection with your customers through that purpose.

Increase your affinity with the customer: Customers want to have contact with companies. Individuals and want to be treated with uniqueness.

Do not send automated or robotic messages. Talk to your customer, show that there is someone behind the brand!

That is a way to create a bond with it, and it will help you increase your number of advocates.

User-Centered Marketing

Your company needs to relate to customers as close people and not as numbers or goals to be achieved.

To do this, develop two characteristics in your team: listening with empathy and immersive research.

Listening with empathy helps you to listen and make yourself present in the conversation. Listen to consumer issues and take the opportunity to connect.

Immersive research is the complement of listening with empathy. In it, you need to approach the customer and talk to him.

It’s a great opportunity to understand how your product is used and to have feedback from customers to improve it.

Use Mobile To Your Advantage

We currently spend more time on their cell phone than on the computer or television.

That’s why it’s very important that you mark your presence on smartphones. Having an application is no longer a differential but a requirement to please customers.

If you know how to use this tool in your favor, you can stand out from competitors: you can capture consumer data, maintain a relationship channel, promote your brand, and more.

The WOW Moment

That is the moment when you surprise the customer and causes a positive reaction in it. An example of this was Nubank.

A woman sent a message to the company after her young son knocked over her cell phone and she could not pay a bill.

Customer service sent her a cell case to the client to protect her device and sympathized with her loss.

Many were delighted with the company’s answering service and shared the post on Facebook.

Winning companies are those who do not forget to provoke WOW moments in their customers.

Like this summary? We’d Like to invite you to download our free 12 min app, for more amazing summaries and audiobooks.

“Marketing 4.0” Quotes

This is the portrait of the future customers—connected yet distracted. A survey by the National Center for Biotechnological Information shows that the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013.… Click To TweetGeorge Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon provides one of the simplest definitions of curiosity: the feeling of deprivation that comes from an information gap between what we know and what we want to know. Click To Tweet

Final Notes:

With the emergence of the internet, physical restrictions no longer exist for companies and brands.

The size of your business and the massive investments are no longer decisive for a brand to become known in the digital world.

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This scenario gives companies the opportunity to grow but also increases the level of market competitiveness.

So if you want to stand out, you need to adapt to this new era and seek to excel in the digital world.

Learn more and more, in the speed that the world demands.