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Published in 1919, Charles Jordan's first pamphlet of card magic introduced a number of clever subtleties, as well as a sleight we know today as 'The Jordan Count' (see The Phantom Aces). Contents include: Trailing the Dovetail Shuffle to its Lair, Close-Range Mind Reading, Long-Distance Mind Reading, The Premo, A Novel Detection, The Dealing Dovetail Detection, The Rolling-Off-A-Log Detection, The Full Hand, With the Mind's Eye, The Simplicity Speller, The Trio, Odd Or Even, The Escape, The Bare-Faced Detection, The Twentieth Century Puzzle, Telepathic Control, The Single-Card Reverse, The Half-Pack Reverse, The Alternate Reverse, The Pack That Cuts Itself, The Impossible Journey, Our Friends The Aces, Leave it to the Aces, The Phantom Aces, The Message From Mars, Coluria, Satan's Trance, Change Your Mind?, Spelling Any Card Called For, The Card And Number Mystery, and The Card And Bag Mystery. 39 pages, re-typeset.

  1. Let my mind & heart be free And filled with love & harmony Look past the flame into the mirror. Try to see which negative elements are affecting you that you want to get rid of. See them being drawn from you into the candle flame and then into the mirror. When you feel the time is right, place the mirror face down. Allow the candle to.
  2. Fieldwork, particularly from his immersion in Trobriand magic.' Malinowski argued that the potency of Trobriand magic was felt by the Tro- brianders to lie in words (spells). In many of his works, particularly in Volume 2 of Coral gardens and their magic, he provided an unusual amount of supporting linguistic data.

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Magic 100 Words (1-100)Gold Red Blue Green Orange Indigo Violet. File Size: 46 kb.

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Words of pure magic


With RIVETED, a spectator's chosen card is placed between two indifferent cards and a hole is punched through all three. The three cards are then secured with a common brass 'butterfly' fastener. The cards are fanned and shown front and back to prove that they are actually RIVETED together. Next, while the spectator is holding the three cards, a handkerchief is placed over them for a moment and and whisked away - the selected card is gone! The missing selected card with the hole can be instantly reproduced and given away as a souvenir. An improved gimmick and handling make this golden oldie better than ever! No sleights. Easy to do, but a real fooler! We supply the 7-page, photo-illustrated manuscript, you supply the cards and handful of inexpensive items required.

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A fun and engaging collection of tricks, ideas and tips for magicians. Material includes Christopher's subtle Pocket Switch of a deck of cards, Color Blend - a clever no-gimmick Blendo, Paper Money - piece of newspaper to dollar bill, presentation ideas for the Chinese Sticks, Undercover - ways to transform an innocent packet of matches into a powerful magic or mentalism accessory, and more. Plus Tips on Publicity with ideas on getting more local newspaper coverage. Completely re-typeset. 26 pages.

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Other Milbourne Christopher titles...Conjuring with Christopher and Magic at Your Fingertips.


Magic Words PDF Free DownloadMagic Words PDF Free Download


Give your audience a break from the usual “take-a-card” tricks with this entertaining comedy card routine. Using a small packet of cards, you start spelling out cards in the usual manner, however every time you hand the cards to a spectator to try - he gets the Joker! Each time he does, you immediately take the cards back and successfully spell to the card. The effect and comedy build as the spectator fails over and over - until he is finally left holding just the Joker. Step-by-step handling complete with comedy patter. 4 pages.

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Download this rare magic manuscript free. Well-constructed, basic Cups & Balls routine, as performed by professional Chautauqua magician and magic dealer, Harold Sterling. Balls appear and disappear, multiply, followed by the magical appearance of SIX large balls, onions, or potatoes. No difficult sleights. 5 typeset pages.

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Perform a mental card miracle with ten half cards, cut from five different cards. A spectator is allowed to freely shuffle the pieces and then deal out any number of pieces between himself and another spectator. Using the number of pieces the spectator dealt as their numbers, the pieces are assembled and each spectator secretly notes the card at their number. The spectators each now remove their cards from packet and place them face down on the table. You show your prediction and ask the spectators to turn over their half cards - EACH SPECTATOR HAS HALF OF THE SAME CARD and it MATCHES your written prediction!

  • The entire effect is virtually self-working
  • Absolutely no sleights or difficult moves
  • No extra cards or gaffs
  • Make it up in minutes
  • Works with any size cards - even jumbos!

A true mental card gem you can carry in your pocket and do anytime, anywhere!

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Impromptu Mentalism is a mindreading encore presentation for magicians that allows you to follow-up your magic show by reading the minds of the audience. Using Nelson's method, you will be able to reveal people's names, phone numbers, inscriptions on rings, how much change someone has in his pocket, what a person ate for breakfast, and much more. No shills or confederates and everyone in the audience will be 100% fooled. A true reputation-builder. This is a FREE download!

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An eManuscript on the Si Stebbins $1 Pitch Pamphlet explaining the Si Stebbins deck system. Also commonly referred to as a Si Stebbins set-up, arrangement, order or stack. These are the instructions Stebbins would sell to the general public after astounding them with a series of card tricks using his system. In addition to the set-up, Stebbins outlines four basic rules and five tricks; as well as a bonus mindreading card trick that can be done with any deck and does not require a prepared pack. Completely re-typeset, re-formatted, and lightly edited. 6 pages.

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Check out our full range of Si Stebbins system publications, including Si Stebbins Unplugged,S6 - Six Si Stebbins Stunners,Mahendra's Amazing Card Miracles,How'd Ja Do That?, and Si Stebbins Legacy.


Pao chang word magic pdf free download


Senor Mardo was a highly regarded nite club magician who influenced many of today's top magicians. In this ebook, you'll discover 16 Senor Mardo effects/items in all - ranging from standard club magic to close-up with cards and coins. Material includes...

Eight Pieces of Eight - A very direct and easy handling for Coins Across.

Thumb Tie Extraordinary - Ten Ichi's classic effect using just a 12' length of soft magician's rope for the tie.

Ring on the Stick - A clever twist for this classic effect using an easily constructed pull.

Cane in Newspaper - Handling for the Walsh Vanishing Cane in Newspaper.

Count Again, Please - Mardo's handling for Zens Cards and Envelopes.

Plus, magic with Bouncing Bubbles, liquids, silks and more. Very nicely illustrated throughout, this 38-page eBook edition was completely re-typeset.

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Three Magic Words Meditation

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