How's That Underling Thing Working Out For You? PDF Free Download

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You were just given permission to hire an underling, and today’s their first day reporting to you.

What’s the first thing you warn them about?

I asked on Twitter, and the replies were great:

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Don't be afraid to fail. Fail as much as you want, as long as you learn in the process and don't make the same mistakes often It's all a part of getting better. Also, it's never the compiler, it's always DNS.

— Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson – CCP Ghostrider (@stebets) September 1, 2020

Don’t do a directive without understanding why.

— Chris Lumnah (@lumnah) September 2, 2020

Chris and I had a followup discussion because I was curious to hear if he meant “do” to mean accept one, give one, or both. He meant both, and I agree. Plus, if you understand why, you’ll do a better job of executing the task and handling any surprises that come up during execution.

Be confident in your ability to undo what you just did before you do what you just did.

How to draw

— cdenker (@cdenker) September 2, 2020

Documentation may lie, comments may lie, the code speaks the truth but it is sometimes hard to understand. ?

— Philipp Stiefel (@philivc) September 1, 2020

I’d extend that to include, “The data model speaks the truth, but the data often lies.”

Don't be afraid to ask for help and don't be afraid to ask questions…but you better damn well have googled the question and check at least 5 links/articles because if I google it and the answer is the first link you're getting smacked.

— Scott Emick (@semick) September 1, 2020

Under-communicating. Always tell the team what you’re doing even if you think you made a mistake. We’ll evaluate and fix it together.

— Richard L. Dawson (@rl_Dawson) September 1, 2020

Technical Debt. So much technical debt.

— Matt ??? (@p1anetmatt) September 1, 2020

Howdy Portal Tamu College Station

Never stop learning
Everything shiny, eventually fades – keep steady
No one knows everything, so don't feel small

— Saurabh Nandu (@saurabhnandu) September 1, 2020

The coffee here sucks !

— Paresh Motiwala (@pareshmotiwala) September 1, 2020

'Don't let me do your work'

How' S That Underling Thing Working Out For You Pdf Free Download Free

— Adam B (@AdamB_) September 1, 2020

I love that last one because it teaches the underling to take over as much as they can. It’s heartwarmingly encouraging, and we should all be that way to our underlings.

Y’all have such great advice that you deserve underlings.

in what way or manner; by what means?: How did the accident happen?
to what extent, degree, etc.?: How damaged is the car?
for what reason; why?: How can you talk such nonsense?
to what effect; with what meaning?: How is one to interpret his action?
what?: How do you mean? If they don't have vanilla, how about chocolate?


by what title or name?: How does one address the president?

How To Draw

Howdy portal tamu college station
at what price: How are the new cars going, cheaper than last year's models?
by what amount or in what measure or quantity?: How do you sell these tomatoes?

How' S That Underling Thing Working Out For You Pdf free. download full

in what form or shape?: How does the demon appear in the first act of the opera? How does the medication come?