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You may like reading novels very much, or has to deal with tons of documents but don’t want to compile a document from scratch. Here, we collected 8 of the best websites to download free PDF books and documents, helping you find the most valuable resources you can use for your life or work.

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Convert Any PDF Books or Docs into 16 Formats

  • Convert native PDF to 16 formats(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Keynote, Pages, images, etc.)
  • Convert scanned PDF or images into editable formats;
  • Create PDF from other documents (Word, PowerPoint, CHM, ePub, etc.)
  • Batch convert PDF documents

FREE EBOOKS & GUEST POSTS. Post your free ebooks at our Facebook Group and we’ll pick it up from there. Don’t forget to post your ebook title, author, short description, download URL and a downloadable ebook cover. To be free from a sense of external control.Esteem The need to feel competent & confident. The sense that you can achieve results, make good decisions, and you will stand by your Fun. The need to have joy and laughter in your life. The sense that we can experience elation and light heartedness. The need to feel physically.

  • When finished, read your freewriting with a highlighter, noting the most interesting and strongest ideas. Try the process again after you have focused your topic; more ideas may be generated. BRAINSTORMING OR LISTING Brainstorming is similar to freewriting in that it is a timed, flowing exercise meant to elicit.
  • If you didn’t know, you just found another interesting way to make your PDF more interesting. How to create an interactive and engaging PDF? For all professionals out there, a good option for creating engaging PDFs such as digital catalogs or presentations is the Adobe suite.
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1. ManyBooks

There are more than 50,000 free books for download on, a large part of these eBooks are saved in PDF and can be easily downloaded to your device. All these books fall into 12 genres: Adventure, History, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Romance, Science Fiction, etc. You can quickly find your books by browsing genres, checking editor’s choice, viewing the trending books list, even finding answers by engaging in a discussion on this website. From classics to modern eBooks, you will find your favorite on ManyBooks. However, you have to sign up for free download and some of the books cost money.

2. Project Gutenberg

There are 60,000 free eBooks offered on Project Gutenberg, you can download most of them in PDF format without sign up. It allows searching and browsing books by spotlight search, bookshelf, frequently download, recently added, offline catalogs. Besides PDF format, these books are saved in a wide variety of formats, like HTML, ePub, Kindle, Plain Text, etc., you can export the eBooks and read on different devices. Moreover, users can send these books to Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive directly.

3. Free Ebooks

How To Be Interesting PDF Free Download Adobe Reader For Windows 10

It’s a website full of free ebooks and documents, approx. 40,000 files. Besides reading the books online, you can also free download PDF books by uploading your eBook collections as exchanges. There are 9 main categories, each is divided into different groups. You can even find a lot of academic books and documents here to help you succeed in your study or career. However, you can download 5 eBooks for free only.

4. Issuu

It’s a professional online PDF sharing website and PDF document library. It has 21+ million publications and millions of avid readers from all over the world. The topics are greatly varied in fashion, lifestyle, art, sports and global affairs. It’s the best website to download free PDF books and magazines. Many marketers learn from this website to distribute content and grow their business.


5. Scribd

It’s the world's largest file-sharing platform, founded in 2007, a total of more than 200+ million visitors per month, accumulating hundreds of articles over the document file. Not only can you free download PDF documents online but also embed it in your blog or web page. Or even convert to other editable formats like pages, html, word, etc. for further use with the best PDF converter.

6. Calameo

How to Be Interesting PDF Free Download and install

It’s also a PDF file-sharing site to publish digital magazines, interactive publications and online documents. It had 5+ billion page-views in 2013. The books shared by 10+ million publications. What’s more, it supports to convert PDF to Html5, mobile devices friendly. For French, there’s no doubt that it’s the best website to download free PDF books and documents.

7. Template

How To Be Interesting To Women

When working, if we want to compile a document highly efficiently, we’d better use some ready-made templates. is a website to offer a lot of free PDF document templates of various types: designs, business document, education, marketing, social media, holidays, etc. It allows users to edit and download the PDF document free, but you will have to sign up.

8. Jotform

To create a professional business document in PDF format, like Contract, Lease Agreement, Invoice, Proposal, Business Plan, Receipt or others, Jotform would be the best place where to get the free PDF document templates and add new contents to your PDF. Still, you have to sign up to edit and download the file, even, there is a watermark added to your file.


Extended: How to Convert PDF Books or Docs for Easy Editing?

In the case that you want to edit these free PDF documents without purchasing a PDF editor at a high price, or edit online watermark free, even save these files as other formats, you can convert the PDFs to editable formats.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a Mac PDF converter to save both native and scanned PDFs as 10+ editable formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ePub, Pages, Keynote, HTML, Text, Image, etc. That’s to say, you can use this tool to modify the PDF files in your MS Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork Pages, etc with ease.

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.
    Free Download
  2. Drag and drop all PDF documents to the Converter.
  3. Choose output as Word or others. You can turn on OCR button if want to convert scanned PDFs.
  4. Click on Convert button to save all PDF documents as an editable or image format.


Websites giving free PDF documents and ebooks are of great value to everyone, we can read the books online or offline, and use the documents for our work. Most of the work done on these websites is by volunteers, if you appreciate their help, you can spread the word for them or donate as an encouragement for their generous contribution online.

We’ve created almost a dozen PDF downloads (eBooks) here at Small Business Trends over the past few years. Typically these are compilations of tips or advice from readers like you. One of the things we are learning is how to use images to make these PDFs more interesting and appealing.

Our first attempts had rudimentary formatting. They looked like Microsoft Word documents, with our logo dropped in. Basic — but not exactly scintillating to the eye. More recently we’ve tried to make these PDF downloads interesting by using one or a few carefully chosen images. We usually go for royalty-free stock photography and images that we purchase. We can get high-quality professional images in a wide range of subjects, styles and colors. We don’t have to worry about copyright issues, because we know when we purchase them that we will have the right to use them without the need to pay ongoing royalties.

So, you’re no doubt wondering, what kind of images and how many? Let me share a few things we’ve learned:

(1) Get print-quality images — Some readers will read PDF documents online. Others will print them out to read as hard copies. If you want your documents to look professional when printed out, use print-quality images. That means choosing images with a resolution of 300 dpi (not 72 dpi), and either a large or extra large image size (especially if you plan to have a full-page or half-page image). If you do not use print-quality images, your PDF may look fine viewed online but fuzzy or pixelated when printed, lessening the visual impact and professionalism of the document.

(2) Limit the number of images — All things in moderation … and that goes for images in PDF downloads. A good quality image that can be printed out without blurriness is not a small file size. A print quality image may be 10, 20, 30 or more MBs in file size. So don’t overdo it. If you use too many images, your document will be so large that it will be slow to download. And while it is possible to compress PDFs, when amateurs like us try, often the image quality suffers — defeating the purpose of choosing a good quality image in the first place. Also, the more images, the more printer ink or toner used up when the document is printed; therefore, it’s more economical for your readers to limit the number of images.

(3) Focus on the cover — Make the cover as eye-catching as possible. First impressions matter, and they matter in a PDF eBook. If you have to limit images to just one really high quality image, put it on the cover. Remember, you can use other types of formatting to add visual interest throughout the rest of the document, including text callouts, lines, boxes, interesting fonts, or colored bullets for bulleted lists.

(4) Make it relevant — Most people will choose cover art that reflects the topic of the PDF eBook. If your eBook is about computers, then an image with a computer or a person at a computer would emphasize the PDF’s topic. However, my advice is not to follow this point slavishly — because a standard representational image can be boring and uninspired.Above all, you want the cover of the PDF to be memorable. Remember that people will typically see a thumbnail of the cover online; that thumbnail image may be one of the factors to convince them to download the eBook.That brings me to my final point:

(5) Consider abstract designs and shapes — I personally enjoy abstract designs, swirls, and other shapes for cover art. They inspire. They add visual intrigue. And they are suitable for a wide range of business topics. The design of blue swirls at the beginning of this article (above) could make for an interesting cover on a PDF on any number of business subjects.


And shapes are not just limited to business themes. The following peppermint swirls image could be suitable for a PDF about food or cooking or entertaining or similar topics.

The secret is, let your imagination go. Emphasize quality over quantity. A great cover image will spice up your PDF.

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How To Be Interesting Pdf free. download full

To see more inspiring images check out our Images for PDFs Album on Veer. FYI: We purchased the above images using some of our 10 free credits we got when opening an account.