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The unmanageability of our lives once again. Not every act of growth is motivated by pain; it may just be time to cycle through the steps again1 thus beginning the next stage of our never-ending journey of recovery. Some of us find a measure of comfort in realizing that a disease, not a moral failing, has caused us to reach this bottom. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. Were entirely ready to have God re-move all these defects of character. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make.

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To become fearless and free. God has equipped you to push through your fears and become all that He created you to be and have all that He created for you to have. When Joel and I took over as pastors of Lakewood Church, I had to confront so many of my fears—primarily, my fear of public speaking. Up until then, I didn’t have. The Fearless Organization Creating psychological safety in the workplace for learning, innovation and growth By Amy C. Edmondson THE BOOK IN A NUTSHELL Psychological safety is the key to organisational learning. Organisations need to be agile through continuous learning and cultivating a fearless environment that encourages. For over 10 years christianaudio.com has been providing top-quality Christian audiobooks and audio-Bibles. We offer a FREE audiobook download EVERY month, DRM-Free content, outstanding promotional offers, and flexible membership plans. Don’t forget to try out our iPhone and Android apps to listen to your library on your phone.

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Class overview
NameFearless class
OperatorsRoyal Navy
Succeeded by Albion class
In commission1965–2002
General characteristics
TypeLanding platform dock
Displacement16,950 tons
Length158.5 m (520 ft)
Beam24.4 m (80 ft)
Draught6.3 m (21 ft)
  • 2 steam turbines
  • 22,000 shp (16,000 kW)
Speed22 knots (41 km/h)
Boats & landing
craft carried
  • 4 medium landing craft (in dock)
  • 4 light landing craft (on davits)
  • Up to 700 troops
  • 15 tanks
  • 27 vehicles
  • 2 anti-aircraft guns
  • 16 surface-to-air missiles
  • 2x Phalanx CIWS
Aircraft carried5 helicopters

The Fearless-class landing platform docks were the first purpose-built amphibious assault vessels in the Royal Navy. The class comprised two ships: HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid.

Designed as landing platform docks (LPD), they were designed to transport and land troops by sea either using Landing Craft Utility (LCU) or helicopters. As constructed, the ships have an internal dock that is accessed via the stern—while in port, vehicles can drive up the stern ramp and into the internal vehicle decks. At sea, the ships could partially submerge themselves at the stern, flooding the internal dock and allowing landing craft to come right up to the edge of the vehicle deck.

Each ship carried four LCUs in the stern dock, with four smaller landing craft on davits on the superstructure. They provided accommodation for up to 400 troops, which could be increased to 700, if no vehicles were carried.

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Intrepid was put into extended reserve in 1991, effectively removing her from active service. While in this state, she was used as a source of spares to maintain Fearless. Intrepid was finally withdrawn from service in August 1999. Fearless was kept in service, and continued to be deployed in concert with HMS Ocean until the end of 2002, when she too was withdrawn from service, ready for the Albion class to enter the fleet. The Fearless class were the last steam-powered surface vessels in Royal Navy service (nuclear submarines use a steam turbine drive).


PennantName(a) Hull builder
(b) Main machinery manufacturers
Laid downLaunchedAccepted into serviceCommissionedEstimated building cost[1]
L10Fearless(a) Harland & Wolff Ltd, Belfast
(b) English Electric Co Ltd, Rugby (steam turbines)
(b) David Brown & Co Ltd, Huddersfield (gearing) [2]
25 July 196219 December 1963November 1965 [2]25 November 1965£11,250,000 [2]
L11Intrepid(a) John Brown & Co Ltd, Clydebank
(b) English Electric Co Ltd, Rugby (steam turbines)
(b) David Brown & Co Ltd, Huddersfield (gearing) [3]
19 December 196225 June 1964March 1967 [3]11 March 1967£10,300,000 [3]


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