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Download the perfect emotional intelligence pictures. Find over 100+ of the best free emotional intelligence images. Free for commercial use ✓ No attribution required ✓ Copyright-free ✓. Team-based learning: From educational theory to emotional intelligence Wilson-Delfosse, Amy L. download BookSC. Download books for free.

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ICQza is natural language artificial intelligence chat robot for ICQ. ICQza sends and receives ICQ instant messages, simulates human responses in ICQ messages without human - Artificial Intelligence engine based on famous A.L.I.C.E generates phrases. Now the package also includes IRCza - similar...

License: FreewareSize: 1.24 MBDownload (1777): ICQza / IRCza - natural language artificial intelligence chat robots Download

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Active BI Portal is business intelligence software that provides an integrated solution for designing and deploying reports and web forms over the internet and intranet. Active BI Portal consists of two parts Active BI Portal Manager which works on Windows only and server part which...

Platforms: Windows, *nix
License: SharewareCost: $230.00 USDSize: 6.92 MBDownload (193): Active Business Intelligence Portal Download

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DocuMaker's Competitive Intelligence Tool walks you through the process of identifying your competitors and beating them at their own game. Compete by different variables including pagerank, product, price keywords, backlinks, buyouts, promotion sales and more. Includes your own personal...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 1.11 MBDownload (266): Competitive Intelligence Tool Download

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This iq test tests your intelligence and is extremely accurate. It measures your intelligence quotient and allows you to improve your iq score. Developed by professional psychologists, this test is the best thing to check your logic abilities. The program also contains iq and memory trainer-...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $29.95 USDSize: 700 KBDownload (225): Intelligence test Download

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The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Module is a flash interface for A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity)to create and use virtual personalities to your Joomla site. AI utilizes AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to form responses to your questions and inputs. The...
Platforms: PHP

License: FreewareSize: 10 KBDownload (34): The AI Module - Artificial Intelligence Download

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The Human Intelligence Identification Script is designed to prevent web forms being submitted by automated robot scripts.Automated robot scripts are used maliciously to send Form Spam and Hijack Web Forms.The Human Intelligence Identification Script only allows form processing if a correct answer...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 4 KBDownload (108): Human Intelligence Identification Script Download

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Intelligence Solitaire is played with two decks of cards, and at the beginning of the game the player is dealt 19 piles of 3 cards each. The player can build down these piles by suit, or he can build up the foundations by suit. When the player has removed all the cards in a pile, three more cards...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 3.34 MBDownload (39): Intelligence Solitaire Download

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Brevitas is a Microsoft .Net based business intelligence framework for windows operative system, specially designed to handle two of the biggest tasks on analyze and represent data. Extract and represent the data: our framework handles and store all the information needed to extract the data and...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 60.48 MBDownload (38): Brevitas Business Intelligence Framework Download

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AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 (C)Isomer Programming(TM) is an advanced chatterbot intended to be used as a desk assistant and for entertainment purposes. Aib begins as a simple executable program with blank data files (memory). Aib uses no preconfigured sentence structures or word...
Platforms: Windows

License: FreewareSize: 68.41 MBDownload (45): AIB Artificial Intelligence Being 2003 Download

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BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SYNCHRO™ Technology: - Easy-to-Use Windows Interface Do multiple-folder synchronization routinely with just one click. Automatic, on-screen, context-sensitive hints. Simple setup lets you start right away. Multilingual user interface localized to support more than 30...
Platforms: Windows

License: SharewareCost: $299.95 USDSize: 3.51 MBDownload (138): Business Intelligence Synchro Download

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CILib is a framework for developing Computational Intelligence software in swarm intelligence, evolutionary computing, neural networks, artificial immune systems, fuzzy logic and robotics.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

License: FreewareSize: 5.42 MBDownload (38): Computational Intelligence Library Download

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Free Download

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IP Intelligence provides the ability to retrieve information about commentators IP from within the Wordpress admin section.Feature Summary * Reverse DNS/PTR * Long/Proper IPv4 Format * Country of Origin (ipinfodb.com) * Region or State (ipinfodb.com) * City (ipinfodb.com) * Timezone...
Platforms: PHP

License: FreewareSize: 10 KBDownload (26): IP Intelligence Download

Released: August 26, 2013 Added: August 26, 2013 Visits: 142

The n-back task is a continuous performance task that is commonly used as an assessment in cognitive neuroscience to measure a part of working memory and that has been suggested as a method for increasing fluid intelligence. The n-back was introduced by Wayne Kirchner in 1958. The task The...
Platforms: iOS

License: SharewareCost: $1.99 USDSize: 99.8 MBDownload (12): Back'N'Task - Increasing intelligence Download

Released: October 24, 2014 Added: October 24, 2014 Visits: 271

Der BARC-Guide Business Intelligence ist eine umfassende Marktubersicht zu Business Intelligence und Datenmanagement. Expertenbeitrage zum Marktgeschehen, Firmenprofile und Anwenderberichte sowie ausfuhrliche Ubersichten zu allen relevanten Anbietern fur Software und Services im deutschsprachigen...
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 125 MBDownload (20): BARC-Guide Business Intelligence 2012/2013 Download

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------------------------------------------------------ Video demo: www.youtube.com/user/elefactory ------------------------------------------------------ Emotional Intelligence in children Guide for parents (iPhone Version Retina Display enhancement)...
Platforms: iOS

License: SharewareCost: $1.99 USDSize: 91.6 MBDownload (14): Emotional Intelligence in children Download
Released: June 17, 2014 Added: June 17, 2014 Visits: 247

The EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) test was developed by PhDs. It is a dynamic test, yielding more than 100 000 unique combinations of questions. The test is based on the concept of emotional intelligence popularized by Daniel Goleman. Requirements: iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with...
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 12.4 MBDownload (13): Emotional Intelligence Quotient Test Free Download

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Hire Intelligence schedule planner was developed to aide users in planning out daily activities, check the order status, and offers all the features youd expect it to. App Features: Check your order status User friendly Planned day planning interface Ability to color code with events...
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 3.9 MBDownload (14): Hire Intelligence Download

Released: July 18, 2014 Added: July 18, 2014 Visits: 254

Hire Intelligence schedule planner was developed to aide users in planning out daily activities, check the order status, and offers all the features youd expect it to. App Features: Check your order status User friendly Planned day planning interface Ability to color code with events...
Platforms: iOS

License: FreewareSize: 5.8 MBDownload (15): Hire Intelligence Schedule Planner Download

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90Kin is a Business Intelligence visualization tool that allows you to access the most relevant information about your company. This first version gives you access to the sales information available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can see a graphical summary of your sales leads and opportunities...
Platforms: Windows Phone

License: FreewareSize: 1024 KBDownload (14): 90Kin Business Intelligence Dashboard Download

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End Day Theories is an app for everyone who wants to know how our planet may end its existence. Is an asteroid going to kill us all? or that will be an unseen virus? End Day Theories offers a great variety of opinions on that point. For all apocalypse story fans and non-fiction lovers we...
Platforms: Windows Phone

License: FreewareSize: 2 MBDownload (15): End Day Theories Download

Lead Like You Give a Sh*t

Make a difference by becoming the leader

you were born to be…

Get the Competitive Advantage!

Intrapreneur + Emotional Intelligence

= World Changing Leadership

Someone who acts like an entrepreneur inside of an organization. They promote innovation, risk taking, and create initiatives that have an impact. They are the “dreamers that do”.

Activating the power of your emotional intelligence (EI) is the best way for you to guarantee your leadership success and make the difference you want to make.

The type of leadership that leaves a legacy by making a powerful difference in business, people’s lives, and the world itself.

A Case For Emotional Intelligence

Percentage of Leaders that are High in Emotional Intelligence

Amount Per Year People with High Emotional Intelligence Make Over People with Low Emotional Intelligence

Amount Emotional Intelligence Accounts for Your Success

  • Emotional Intelligence66%
  • IQ, Technical Knowledge, Experience33%

Source: Emotional Intelligence 2.0,Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves, 2009

Emotional Intelligence has a drastic impact on

success and leadership effectiveness.

Top leadership and business magazines cover EI multiple times a year.

Yale and other top level universities created special departments focused on EI.

Successful companies like Google, L’Oreal, and American Express take their leaders through EI training.