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Buy Coach Wooden's Leadership Game Plan for Success: 12 Lessons for Extraordinary Performance and Personal Excellence by Wooden, John, Jamison, Steve (ISBN: 149) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Six Action Steps for Better Leadership 6. John Wooden’s Seven Leadership Principles 7. Five Tips to Become a More Assertive Leader 8. Five “W’s” to Become a More Encouraging Leader 9. Deal with Lies to Foster an Honest Environment 10. Leadership Tips from a CEO Turned Coach 11. How to Implement and Enforce Team Rules 12.

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'Each member of your teamhas the potential for personalgreatness; the leader's job isto help them achieve it.'
-JOHN WOODENCoach Wooden's Leadership Game Plan for Successpresents a unique opportunity to study underthe man ESPN hails as 'the greatest coach ofthe 20th century.' Practicing character-basedleadership before the term was invented, JohnWooden consistently led his legendary teamsto victory and has since taught countless businessleaders his fundamentals for achievingand sustaining success.
Now, using this hands-on book based on theacclaimed John Wooden Leadership Course (c),you can 'interact' with Coach to learn andapply his philosophy of world-class leadership.This unique tutorial introduces you tohis core fundamentals of success as a leaderand reinforces them with examples, exercises,quizzes, and quotations. You'll learn how to
Create a relationship of respect andcamaraderie with those you leadRemain alert to opportunity, threats,trends, and changesAct with confi dence-but neverarrogancePractice moderation and balance inall that you doBe a model of poise, grace, and reason-especially under pressure
Coach Wooden's Leadership Game Plan for Successdrives home Mr. Wooden's trademark 12 Lessonsin Leadership and his famous Pyramidof Success.
When you base your leadership style and substanceon Coach's straightforward attitudes,values, and principles, you'll lead your teamand business to success the Wooden way.
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  • John Robert Wooden is considered the greatest NCAA basketball head coach of all time. But many people knew him simply as coach. On the court, Wooden led the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball program to an impressive number of wins, with a 664-162 record, and was named NCAA College Basketball Coach of the Year six times.
  • Nancy Anne (Nan) Wooden, the daughter of legendary former UCLA men's basketball coach John Wooden, died early Tuesday morning (Sept. 14) due to natural causes. A friend to so many individuals in the UCLA Athletics community, Nan Wooden had been a fixture at UCLA's games long after her father retired from coaching in 1975.

Who did John Wooden mentor?

He was a hard worker since day one from when he played basketball to when he earned his legacy as one of the greatest coaches in the history of basketball. John Wooden was a hero because he had the mentoring role that helped his players become the best. John Wooden coached for the UCLA Bruins most of his career.

What players did John Wooden coach?

John Wooden is also a Hall of Fame Coach He won ten national championships as a coach at UCLA, guiding such players as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Walton.

Is John Wooden the greatest coach of all time?

John Wooden was absolutely the greatest college coach of all time. The level of preparation he put into each season is unlike anything that’s come along since. John Wooden built the UCLA dynasty himself. There’s no way any coach now could win seven straight NCAA titles and 10 titles in 12 seasons.

Why was John Wooden a good coach?

As a teacher, Wooden taught his students that academic success was about more than grades; As a coach, Wooden taught his players that a victory was about more than the number on the scoreboard. He cared deeply for the athletes he led and encouraged them to be winners on more than just the court.

Coach Wooden Pyramid

Who replaced John Wooden?

Gene Bartow
Gene Bartow (1975-1977) Gene Bartow was the immediate replacement for Wooden after the most successful Bruins’ coach decided to call it a career after his 10th national championship in 1975. Bartow continued Wooden’s success as he won 28 and 24 games in his two seasons.


Where is John Wooden buried?

Forest Lawn, Los Angeles, California, United States
John Wooden/Place of burial

Coach Wooden Book

Who was John Wooden’s biggest influence?

Start with Bill Walton, the sports broadcaster and former NBA All-Star who played for Coach Wooden at UCLA. Walton credits his life’s success (not just basketball) to Wooden, whom he calls the single greatest mentor in his life.

How was John Wooden so successful?

After running his guys ragged in practice, Wooden created a fast tempo during games, and his teams typically won games in the final few minutes because they were in better shape.

What is the Wooden effect?

In his nearly 40 years as a coach and teacher, John Wooden believed his greatest responsibility was to turn his players into mature and honorable young men, who were well prepared for life beyond basketball. This was known as the Wooden Effect.

What did Wooden always focus on?

John Wooden was a living legend. He was also one of the most successful basketball coaches of all time and he lived a simple life focusing on personal excellence, personal integrity, love, and balance.


What was John Wooden’s coaching style?

John Wooden’s coaching philosophy was a simple one, and he believed that many coaches over complicate things. His view was that basketball is a simple game, so why make it complicated? He said: “I think the coach’s job is to prepare players to play and then let them do it. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.